Yakkin’ with Ta-ku and Wafia

Two of Australia’s brightest rising stars, Ta-ku and Wafia have just dropped something incredible. The (m)edian EP, is an 11-minute journey to a place that might trigger fond memories for some, and tear open fresh wounds for others. It could be a collection of tracks to make up to, or break up to, depending on the mood. Either way, the siren-like voices of these two performers lure the listener into a dream state. Vulture caught up with the pair to find out about the story behind (m)edian, and to learn a little more about the inside workings of this gleaming new machine.

“We had been discussing the EP for a while, but didn’t really jump into it until a couple of months ago. It happened really organically, in the process of us discussing it we did our own things, then reunited at the right time for us to be in the right headspace to write it,” Wafia said. “I flew over to Perth, and we brought in some of our favourite collaborators, and just really fleshed it out.”

“The writing process was pretty fun for me. I’ve always been someone that kind of collaborated over the Internet, having a bedroom producer background. I’d never really jumped into the studio’s all that much, even up to this day. Writing with Wafia and our collaborators, and seeing how we could put it all together was really a lot of fun. It went really smoothly. The only real rough patch, if you can call it that, were the time constraints we set for ourselves. We wrote the music, mixed and mastered in quite a quick turnaround. That was pretty new as well, I don’t normally put out music that quickly,” Ta-ku said.

Ta-ku and Wafia have been exploring the idea of a body of work together for a while. It’s been a long road to this point, but both artists seem pleased with the way the things have gone. They both say their friendship has grown, and that everything has happened at the right time.

“When we make music together it’s really natural. We spent a whole bunch of time in New York last year, with some really incredible people, and we were in the same room together a whole bunch of times, but we never looked at each other and said ‘we should make a song together while we have these world class studios and all these collaborators around us.’ We never looked at each other and thought hey this makes sense, let’s make a song together. It’s weird. We never expected that of each other, which in a way is what makes our relationship good. It’s not as forced as other musical relationships. When it came time to write something it just made sense,” Ta-ku said.

Get your mits on (m)edian right now.

Seth Robinson


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