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Something Holiday, a heartfelt pop-punk band from Japan, over the past year released a new EP and lost two members. Their last EP, Past and Future, featured remastered older tracks as well as three brand new jams. The other members have since moved on to other things, however frontman Koichi Iwata, has decided to continue to lead the band on and search for new members to help him. We caught up with Iwata, the vocalist, guitarist and now sole member of the band to ask a few questions.

Vulture Magazine: Something Holiday has recently parted with a few members. What have they gone on to do?
Koichi Iwata: Satoshi is now working as a freelance cameraman, and Yuta is in the band called Northern Factory, that he has been playing drums in since before he joined Something Holiday. Things have changed a lot between us in a year, so we decided to go our separate ways.

VM: You’ve performed solo acoustic shows before, will you be performing more until you’ve found new band members?
KI: I don’t usually play acoustic shows, but if there is an opportunity I would love to do it again. Actually, there is a plan that my first acoustic video will be uploaded very soon, make sure to check it out.

VM: Last year you released the EP Past and Future. Are there any plans for new music, maybe acoustic, in the near future? Or are you more focused on finding new members for now?
KI: Finding new members is the most important thing to me at this moment, so it’s difficult to answer this question. All I can say now is that I won’t ever stop writing songs. I guess you’ll see in the near future.

VM: Your music and performances have always been very fun and energetic. What’s it like playing pop-punk music in Japan?
KI: I love to play this kind of music called pop-punk. Japanese pop-punk fans do sing along, crowd surf, just like overseas fans, you can see it in our shows too. Also, there is a lot of great bands around here. I hope the scene will be getting more big in Japan.

As Iwata has said, Something Holiday will be back soon, and we can’t wait to hear what new members and Koichi”s ever growing artistic style can create. Satoshi Imamura, former bassist, recently directed a music video for the band KICKASSRAY, who’s EP we recently reviewed, and you can find Yuta, the former drummer, still playing for the band Northern Factory.

Shane Dover


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