Yakkin’ with SELKI

Every once in a while we get a chance to have a look in at someone who happens to be blessed at everything they put their hand to. SELKI is one of these people. A quick chat with her reveals a passionate soul keen to leave her mark in the arts world through whichever means she feels she can express herself.

Vulture Magazine: What have you got coming up musically?
SELKI: Well what’s coming up soon is I’m about to shoot a film clip for a song, it’s more kind of like an alt-electro/rock/indie thing I did with a producer over in Paris. I did three songs with a producer over there last year. I got hit by a bus while I was on exchange and I broke all the left side of my arm so I couldn’t play guitar for quite a few months. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was work with a producer – I was all indie-rock type stuff, folk, raw, natural was my vibe – but then I worked with a producer on a couple of tracks and now I’m starting to release them and planning video clips for them.

VM: Have you played many live shows lately?
S: To be honest, I’ve just played a few gigs since I got back to Australia. I have a couple a month on average, but it’s pretty casual stuff my solo thing.

VM: Do you feel you’ll continue down the path of this new sound?
S: Yeah, I really enjoy the freedom you have when you work with a producer; you’re not really limited by band members and rehearsal times, there’s a lot of scope. It’s like a big blank canvas and you’re painting it with someone else, which is a process I really enjoy.


VM: Have you worked with any Australian producers?
S: Nope.

VM: If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
S: I’ve got a lot of friends who are lush producers, maybe one of them? I like new-age, alternative electronic stuff. I would just love to work with someone who has a good ear, good musicality and who can be experimental and really explorative with the soundscapes we produce.

VM: What else do you get up to in your free time?
S: I do a bit of modelling.

VM: Tell us more. How did you get into that?
S: The first time was when I was 18 and living in Italy, a photographer came up and asked me to model some stuff for a fashion shoot. I got more into modelling through 2014/2015, doing stuff for local fashion designers and photographers, got a few published in some indie mags and indie blogs. Recently I did a shoot in Coburg in my room, it was published in an indie mag in Spain. I really love modelling and I love being part of the process, you have to be so present and relaxed because whatever you’re feeling comes across in the photos. And again, I really enjoy the collaboration with one other person, trying to capture that essence and emotion.

VM: You’re a bit of a diverse artist.
S: Yeah! I was originally into photography; I studied it for four years and had some stuff published when I was younger. It’s interesting cause I’ve gone through a lot of different mediums and music has been the latest one.


VM: When you’re modelling, do you take on a lot of the creativity in the role?
S: It depends on the shoot really. If it’s for designers where they need you to show a certain look that you need to achieve it’s almost like you’re acting and you have to take on that role and feel that out. But for shoots where they’re submissions, it’s more about trying to capture an expression or a vibe you’re creating so I try and do that through my work.

VM: Are there any other secret arty skills you haven’t shared?
S: Painting! I used to be full-on into realist painting. When I was 17/18 I used to paint for five hours a day. I did realistic portraiture, but to be honest I haven’t touched painting since that full on love affair with it for that year. Also recently in my life, I really love acting. I’ve been doing some drama workshops as well.
But for me, music has been my longest passion and the continual one that’s always been there longer than the others.


Images by Samuel Ding

David Andreas


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