Yakkin’ with Oscar Key Sung

At Vulture Mag, we think Oscar Key Sung is a very cool guy. So much so, that when we heard he was looking for a chat, it was all we could do (dad joke intended) not to go full fan-girl and start drawing little Oscars on the desks. Instead, we got it together and did the professional thing, catching up with the Melbourne beat magician to cover his music, what he’s got brewing on the horizon, and touring with Red Bull Sound Select.

“Lyrically, I write about experiences. You’ll have stuff stewing away in the subconscious, and eventually a day will come along where it just all comes up. I’ll usually write all the lyrics and melodies in one go. Then I really like to rework songs with different beats and instrumentals. I’m really into hip-hop, and dance music, so I like to think about how a track might be remixed. I find that often stripping away is my tendancy, I like to empty things out and have a lot of implicit elements.” He says. “I’ve actually just finished mixing an album with a friend of mine, HTMLflowers. He contributes some production and rapping, and then I do a lot of production and vocals. I’ve also got a solo album that I’m trying to finish at the moment. It could be out by the end of the year, but there are a few elements that factor into the logistical side of things, so we’ll see.”


Oscar Key Sung has been around the scene for a few years now, and it’s given him time to grow his own sound, and to develop his thoughts on the industry.

“The landscape has really changed since I came along. Once thing, that I think is really tight, is that when I was at uni, the vibe around electronic music was a bit like a boy’s club. For lack of a better word, I think there’s a lot of diversity now, and it’s not just this boy’s club vibe. I love that. I think it’s way more interesting.”

Now, he’s gearing up to tour with Red Bull Sound Select, which will see him play his last shows in Australia, before he heads overseas to the US.

“I’ve got some projections by Tristan Jalleh happening for the tour. He and I collaborated on a video that’s actually just about to drop, for the song ‘Hands’. Other than that, I want to give this show a lot. I’m gonna be in America for the rest of the year, so I just really want to do a killer show.”

You can catch Oscar Key Sung at the Civic Underground for Red Bull Sound Select on July 29. Visit www.redbullsoundselect.com.

Seth Robinson


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