Yakkin’ with Lulu Raes

Our weekend was spent with our buddies Eddie, Taras, Marcus, Angus, and Tom from Lulu Raes. We had a grand old chat about music, touring and how they found out Kiera Knightly released an album. Then we got a few snaps by some humble looking astroturf.


Vulture Magazine: Tell us about how the Lulu Raes came to be?

Eddie: Me and Taras have been writing for ages. I’ve been in my own little bands since I was 14 and Taras was interested in my music and I was interested in his music. I had 4 of Taras’s tracks and I used to always listen to it over and over again and I thought it was really good. It was very different from the herd. Then we started probably three years ago we thought about writing together and our first track was Two Faced Fish and a lot of our friends really liked it. One of our friends Pat organised our first gig at Marly Bar [Malborough Hotel].

Marcus: We were originally booked for the Annandale but then it shut down and so it got moved to Newtown. We were like ‘It’s probably a good thing’ cause we weren’t ready to play that gig. At that time we needed to get new members cause we needed a bass player and a reasonably good drummer.

Marcus: Off the burnout tour Eddie was unhappy how the sound was. We all came to an agreement to we needed to make it bigger and make it better.

Taras: Our first option didn’t work out haha. Our second option as you know.

Eddie: We tried doing more stuff like Tom had this Roland SPV sample thing, we tried that but it was a little bit gross. Then having the [Angus’s] extra guitar pushed it to an appropriate level and started getting better and used light and stuff.

Angus: I knew Tom from a while back, I watched them at their first gig cause Tom said come along then met the others and and then we became better friends as time when on and then got the call last November.


VM: And you never looked back?

Angus: A few times haha

Tom: [Pointing to Marcus and Taras] They met at the beach. They were in the same friendship circle. And you heard there was a bassist roaming around on the beach didn’t you?

Taras: Nah I knew his brother and I was like ‘Oh yeah, you play bass’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ and I was like ‘Oh yeah, you wanna join the band?’ And he was really brown and looked like an Adonis cause it was the middle of summer and I was like ‘ooohh’.

Tom: Taras was friends with my sister and they had their own spiritual journey and I was still in school and Taras helped me with my HSC. Banged it out.

Eddie: Taras helped me with my HSC as well.

Taras: I’m a helper


VM: What was the idea behind the EP?

Marcus: I think it was getting a bit pathetic after two and a half years of putting singles then singles and singles. We had to put out something


VM: The title All Our Parents Are Divorced is reference to…

Marcus: It was in the van. We were talking and then Tom said ‘Oh all our parents are divorced’ and then we had that picture and then we thought, ‘Well that picture and that title kinda work perfectly together’. There’s not a lot of pictures that work with that title and not a lot of titles that work with that picture.


VM: What’s a typical jam session for you guys?

Marcus: We play for thirty minutes and then Eddie goes ‘Ok I gotta go’ and then he leaves haha.


VM: You’ve been touring with a number of bands, what’s been your favourite tour so far?

Taras: Jungle Giants tour.

Eddie: Polish Club were my favourite.

[Everyone ‘oohh yeah’s’ in enthusiastic agreement]

Tom: It [Polish Club tour] was the most recent one so it’s fresh in our mind. It was double headlining with Polish Club and its fun so you wanna do it but it was added pressure cause you gotta learn the stuff. We gotta make sure the stuff is going ahead. With Jungle Giants you could relax a little more and so we were just [like] ‘We’re going to play then we can hang out and watch some other great music in a nice big venue.’

Marcus: I think the Jungle Giants fans are easier to impress too if you know what I mean. They’re stoked to be at a gig, less reserved and like ‘OMG Woohoo’.


VM: What has being in the music industry taught you thus far?

Marcus: Sound guys. We once had a really gruff, scary sound guy. And we’re always really nice and we’re like ‘Hey bro, this is the band, let’s get it all done’ and this guys is not having a bar of it like ‘Right, no, shut up, stop playing’. The trick is no matter what you always be nice to sound guys.


VM: You’re about to release an EP and then go on tour in September. What are else you aiming for in 2016?

Eddie: After this we’re going to write an album. We’re at least a quarter done. We have a catalogue of about 8 songs done. A lot of them have go to get cut and they’re not fully recorded.

Marcus: We’ve got a little writing trip planned. We’re going to go away staying in a house in Goulburn for a week.


VM: Are you sticking to touring nationally for now?

Tom: It’d be nice to go overseas but right now we haven’t even conquered Australia. Or Sydney. Or Bondi haha.

Eddie: Our second biggest country is Peru. We’ve got close to 500 fans there.


VM: Wow, that’s great.

Tom: We’re the on the top 20 most played on this Peruvian radio station. It was really cool I looked on the site and was like, ‘great there is U2 and stuff in here’ and I was really impressed but then I realised that Kiera Knightly was #19 and we were #20 and I’m like ‘OK maybe the Peruvians have interesting taste in music’. I didn’t even know she released an album haha.”


All Our Parents Are Divorced EP tour dates tickets here http://www.theluluraes.com/shows/

FRI 9 SEPT : Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
SAT 10 SEPT : Transit Bar, Canberra
THU 15 SEPT : Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
FRI 16 SEPT : The Producers Bar – The Old Exchange, Adelaide
Fri 30 SEPT : Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
SAT 1 OCT : Solbar, Maroochydore

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