Yakkin’ with Joelistics

We were lucky enough to have a Friday arvo chin wag with Joelistics of TZU fame, but who has more recently gone on a bit of tangent with how he goes about life and music. The guy is his own boss, and is a fuckin’ boss. Scrap that, he’s a Lord.

After chatting to the man, you can tell he is a punter who doesn’t give a fuck about pleasing anyone but himself, and if people are pleased in the process, then everyone is a winner.

“I’ve been working with all sorts of different people from local indigenous acts to straight up punk. Wil Wagner (Smith Street Band) and I have been doing some writing along with quite a few others. We find that it just works.”

Let’s not forget the solo stuff from Joelistics either.

Taking a step back from performing music and focusing more on writing and producing the work of others, he humbly reels off artist after artist that he’s chipped in with. None of it is for the dollars or cents.

“I could write more music that appeals to the public but what makes me most content is working with like minded people who aren’t afraid to take risks and do things differently.”

Fucken Amen!

He’s been on a more of a personal path in the last 12 months having written music relating to his Grandmother’s journey from Hong Kong and has given himself plenty of perspective about what is important in life.

“It’s the stories that I’m interested in”, he says as he reminisces how her stories have given birth to his own.

When asked about his upcoming show at the Flying Saucer Club in Elsternwick on 27th May he is completely straight up.

“I wanna use it as a chance to provoke thought using mostly spoken word. I love spoken word and I see it as an opportunity to try new things, invite a few guests up on stage and do a long show full of material that has never been showcased.”

Mixing his own personal experiences as a youth worker along with everything else in his busy mind, we’d stake the Vulture Nest that it’ll be one of those shows you walk away from feeling invigorated and empowered.

Tickets are available for the once off show here. You’ll find The Vulture there because, well, we reckon it’ll be tasty as hell.




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