Word on the Street: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

It’s sad to have to say goodbye to the short lived Word on the Street. Each week, we hit the pavement and asked your opinion on anything and everything music related! Unfortunately today is your last day to rediscover an old love, or stumble upon a new treasure. We hoped you enjoyed (if only briefly) uncovering the old and the new, the obscure and the obvious.

This week we asked you: What’s your guilty pleasure? Here are your answers.

The Beach Boys
“They’re such groovy tunes, and make for great driving music! Their songs are always super easy to sing along to and are catchy!” – Kate

Lady Gaga
“Lady Gaga is my fave. She’s so creative and isn’t afraid to be herself or to have people judge her.” – Jack

“Her songs are so upbeat and have a great tempo. It’s great workout music.” – Sophia

Gwen Stefani
“Great to dance to in my undies at home when I’m making breakie.” – Jake

“There’s just something about his music that pumps me up for a party.” – Santiago

Nicki Minaj
“I love her song ‘Starships” she’s just really fun.” – Patrick

Sean Kingston
“Two words. ‘Beautiful Girls’; that’s it. ” – Matt

Justin Bieber
“I hate that I love him but he’s just super catchy.” – Samantha


Calvin Harris
“All his songs are really good; they’re all bangers.” – Luke

Our pick of the week: Selena Gomez
“I listened to her way before she was cool, which sometimes gave me grief. Go listen to ‘B.E.A.T.’ 17-year-old me was obsessed with it; it’ll change your life.” – Billie-Jean

To listen to these artists and discover new music, check out our Spotify playlist Word on the Street.


Billie-Jean Bullard


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