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After an overwhelming debut in 2012, SLAM DAY is back to do it all again in 2013. Registrations are now open.

SLAM DAY will happen on Saturday 23rd February 2013. This will be the day when Musicians and Music Lovers alike will come together simultaneously to celebrate live music and small gigs. On 23rd February 2012, over 150 gigs were held in small venues all across the country and with huge support from musicians, venues, music fans and the media, the first ever SLAM day was a massive success. To build on this success, and due to the fact that 2013 SLAM day falls on a Saturday, this year the mass outpouring of performance will be known as “Gig Day.” With scores of registration enquiries already hammering into SLAM headquarters, it looks like a race has culminated between the states to see who can host the largest SLAM day. WA and NSW are ahead of the race at this point, challenging Victoria as Australia’s home of live music. So it’s up to the Victorian kinfolk to get the numbers and make sure come SLAM day, Victoria rises victorious and shows the country that the home of live music is still within the Garden state borders.


So what do you need to do? Just support a SLAM day gig in your town. Any Style, Any Genre, Anywhere. Music is for the love of the people and gigs can happen in a venue, in a café, in a park or even in your own backyard.  The point is that live music needs your support and it’s easy to get involved and it’s totally free to register. Just head to www.slamrally.org

About SLAM

SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) was born out of the SLAM rally, the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history. 20,000 people marched in Melbourne to change government policy that incorrectly linked live music to violence.

Since then, SLAM has successfully lobbied and contributed to:

  • Change the law in Victoria; live music is now recognized in the objects of The Liquor Licensing Act
  • Break the policy link between live music and violence in Victoria
  • Initiate the Premier’s Round Table for Live Music in Victoria. Outcomes from the roundtable include the reform of planning policy and licensing law in relation to all age’s gigs, and cutting red tape.
  • A new Live Music Strategy and Lord Mayors Advisory Panel in the City of Melbourne
  • Live Music taskforces in City of Yarra and City of Port Phillip.

Live music is now firmly on the political agenda, with:

  • A National call for candidates to have a Live Music Policy at all State and Council elections
  • In NSW, the City of Sydney prepares to launch a Live Music taskforce
  • In SA, the state government sent a delegation and met with SLAM representatives and have since announced new small bar laws, a live music hub, a Live Music ‘Thinker in Residence’ and an Action Plan for the City of Adelaide
  • Federally, a new Live Music Coordinator has finally been appointed.

The inaugural National SLAM day was held on February 23rd 2012. On the anniversary of the SLAM day rally, SLAM day is a campaign aimed at the broader community as an event that celebrates our local musicians and our smaller gigs. It is a way of showing support to the great talent this country has got to offer. There is no better way to hear great music than to hear it live and breathe in the atmosphere of the live performance. Support SLAM day and the musicians and venues that bring the music to the people so future generations can enjoy the things we like to enjoy.

“Seeing a loud sweaty band in a small venue is easily my favourite musical experience. Everyone crammed in tightly, shoulder to shoulder, singing the same lyrics, bobbing their heads, in unison, sharing that common experience, that’s what music is all about.” – Nik Kaloper, The Jezabels.


Carl Dziunka


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