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For all 90s and 00s kids alike, Video Hits was a Saturday morning religious institution. Waking up late would trigger a pajama run to the booty heavy television to see the rise and fall of the top 10 videos. Welcome back this video nostalgia, for we at Vulture, will gift you with a collection of the finest, weird, wonderful and damn charming videos to wrap your eyeballs around.

Song: ‘Fingertips’
Artist: Vera Blue
Director: Paper Moose
The Vera Blue’s hype train has officially grown wings and is now in full flight. But rest assured, the hysteria is so damn justified. This new video takes ‘Fingertips’ to a new place and viruses the beautiful it already possesses. The viewer is held in an intimate room with the singer and a connection is then formed with the song and the souring emotion.
Hidden Gem: Celia Pavey’s water-bending skills.

Song: ‘There’s Alot Going On’
Artist: Vic Mensa
Director: Jake Osmun and Vic Mensa
This video has a clear and simple concept that illustrates a chaotic couple of years for Mensa. It feels like we are in the confessional with him; the honesty in his story is raw and beautiful. It also feels like he is letting go of his demons in this video – it’s all out there now and we can’t look away.
Hidden Gem: It’s one shot and only took 13 takes.

Song: ‘BEFFY’
Artist: Ladi6
Animation: Parallel Teeth
This video is killa cute. The wonderfully weird animations are by Parallel Teeth, which shows Ladi6 keeping it in the NZ family. The clip brings the song to life, telling a story and also cutting some sick shapes with vibrant colours, and loveable monsters dancing to the music. It’s just a real good time.
Hidden Gem: ‘AHHHHH Real monsters’ vibes from this one.

Song: ‘Strange Diseases’
Artist: Gang of Youths
Director: Mclean Stephenson
Gang of Youths have a knack for creating great and evoking video clips. This intimate video is the highlight of their new EP Let Me Clear. We think lead singer and songwriter David Le’aupepe sums it up beautifully: “…serving as a bookend of sorts to my early 20’s and the final chapter of my life I spent in love with someone fighting cancer”. The video is a beautiful flipbook of a home video, and expresses change without control.
Hidden Gem: Sydney’s Inner city.

Song: ‘Fast Lane’ (Prod. HFNR)
Artist: Kwasi
Director: Daniel Dunn
Melbourne’s own Kwasi has dropped a video this week that is nothing but fire. Serious WARNING: Protective gear must be worn whilst watching. You get a sense for Kwasi’s flow and the poetic flare that beats out of him. Let your enemies know.
Hidden Gem: That sunset tho!

Tim Philippe


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