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For all 90s and 00s kids alike, Video Hits was a Saturday morning religious institution. Waking up late would trigger a pajama run to the booty heavy television to see the rise and fall of the Top 10 videos. Welcome back this video nostalgia, for we at Vulture, will gift you with a collection of the finest, kooky and coolest videos to wrap your eyeballs around.

Song: ‘Friends’
Artist: Francis and the Lights feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West
Director: Jake Schreier
Add a little Bon Iver to any compilation and odds are, it will harvest a whopping tuna sandwich. Mix in a little Kanye as well and you could sing about paint drying in a cue at the RTA and it would still be a masterpiece. Luckily Francis and the Lights sing about BFFs. Hopefully a song about all three of them playing TEKKEN 2 and then going out for Slushies. None of this video makes sense, nevertheless it is beautiful and we can’t stop hitting play.
Hidden Gem: That dance tho. We all must learn it. We feel a flash dance coming on. Somebody organise it please.

Song: ‘Elevator Operator’
Artist: Courtney Barnett
Director: Sunny Leunig
We could go ahead and name names of the who’s who in this clip. But what’s definitely more fun for you the viewer, is to play a little game called Musical Where’s Wally and see how many you can spot. Just having so many names in the clip makes it fun for the whole family but delivering an emotive message of hope and optimism too. Well played Court.
Hidden Gem: Disgruntled Paul Kelly.

Song: ‘Fuck With Myself’
Artist: BANKS
Director: Philippa Price
Like a twisted jewellery box of dark self reflection, BANKS‘ new video gives us the first taste of a new record to come. The visuals are raw and confronting yet there is power in this confession. BANKS is owning her vice and in turn she can not be owned. Seductively placing the viewer in a trance of limbs and self-talk, Banks is rousing all the excitement for more new music on her horizon.
Hidden Gem: The Ex Machina vibes.

Song: ‘Bury It’
Artist: CHVRCHES feat. Hayley Williams
Director: Jamie McKelvie
Animator: Mighty Nice
Let’s face it, animated Jedi skills are just fun to watch. And that’s exactly what you sign up for in this reimagined video for ‘Bury It’. Insert superwoman/rockgoddess Hayley Williams and this is a comic book we would read cover to cover. The only problem is it now ignites the thirst for new CHVRCHES and we hope it comes sooner rather than later.
Hidden Gem: The creator of this video is a comic book artist, who has worked on epics like Young Avengers and Captain Marvel.

Song: ‘Cleopatra’
Artist: The Lumineers
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
This video feels like one of those rare Australian films that touches something deep in the desert of your being. We are not going to spoil the narrative but fair warning; you will feel all the feels. Beautifully shot and a truly lovely way to explore the romance and fallings of life.
Hidden Gem: The space between the words.

Tim Philippe


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