Vulture Magazine vs Wolf Alice // Falls Festival

Ellie Rowsell and Joel Amey from Wolf Alice are the bees knees.

They have been on the tour circuit for their EP Creature Songs but we should all be expecting their debut record THIS YEAR and we are fucking excited. Brimming with a full 90’s era vibe and a live set that will move the pants off you, Wolf Alice should absolutely be on your radar this year. If they don’t come back to Australia this year, we will question our existence. We dig their music so hard, we used their tune ‘Bros’ to soundtrack our Falls Festival adventure here.

They had a chat to us before their set at the Lorne Falls Festival and chewed the fat about the apocalypse, who they would have a jacuzzi with and failing miserably at shit. Typical Vulture shenanigans.

Michelle Pitiris


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