Vulture Gets Balls Deep With Bam Margera

We’re not sure if it’s the no-fucks-given vibe, or the ridiculous life he leads, but here at Vulture, we love Bam Margera. So it’s understandable we were pretty stoked to find out he’s returning to Australia with his band Fuckface Unstoppable. Made up of members from Guttermouth, Viking Skull and his brother Jesse Margera from CKY, this tour also sees Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks joining Bam and his band of hairy men for their Balls Deep Tour down under.

The group will also be filming a documentary on McCoy while they’re in Oz called Earth Rocker. We caught up with Bam, who’d just landed in LA to hang with Kat Von D and write and mix some new songs with his bro for the upcoming Australian tour. What a life.

maxresdefaultVulture Magazine: Bam, you brought Fuckface Unstoppable down under in 2013 to awesome reviews, so what made you want to come back?
Bam Margera: I think when we play in Australia; I don’t know if the fans are just more nuts in general or they’re just excited that we came all the way from America to play but the crowd is crazy over there. We got an offer to come back over and we thought hell yeah. The fact that Andy wanted to come and join along we thought alright perfect; we’ve got the whole crew coming now. 

VM: What can we expect to see at this round of shows?
BM: Novak naked of course. I think we might pick some tomatoes and rotten lettuce to throw at Novak if he sings off key in his opening song which is Phil Collins’ ‘Coming in the Air Tonight’, but he goes by Pill Collins because he’s addicted to pills.


VM: When you’re planning out a show, are you trying to think of stuff that will add a sort of shock-value, or does it just come naturally because you’re up there with your friends having a good time?
BM: It’s a bit of 50/50, we read out the crowd first. I really like mayhem, you know, so there’s not really any rules when you’re in there. If you’re a fan invading up on the stage, you’re not going to get thrown off by security, because I won’t let them interrupt that. I might be stoked that you’re up there, I might stay there and dance with you, I might push you back into the crowd, anything goes really.
If there’s a nice balcony above I might just jump off the top right into the crowd, do a little bit of stage diving.

VM: You’re touring with the boys from CKY, Guttermouth and Viking Skull, what is an average afternoon before a show like with these guys? Are there any pre-show traditions or silly antics you get up to?
BM: Well we’re going to be filming a movie while we’re there, so it might be a little different from last time. Last time we were pretty much just sippin on drinks before the show, but now we kind of have an agenda, so we might be running around filming some scenes.

VM: Do you have any scenes planned, or you’ll just get to a spot and say “this would be a good idea, let’s do this”?
BM: There’s a general storyline, but it’s pretty much just following around Andy McCoy. Filming that guy is gold footage, like even when you hit record no matter he’s up to, that’s what is brilliant about him.
He’s like the pirate of the Caribbean’s. Like Johnny Depp.

VM: So you guys will be filming this documentary as well as playing shows, will you have any time off while you’re here?
BM: I think we have like two days off, and one of the guys from Guttermouth has a girlfriend with a nice yacht or something on the Gold Coast, so we might just chill out on the boat for a day or two.

Going back to the Jackass days, we always remember the warning announcement that would come right before an episode came on. What kind of warning would you give to people coming to a Fuckface Unstoppable show?BM: I would say if you get offended by seeing Novak’s little dick, you probably shouldn’t come. If you don’t want to get red wine and maybe beer spilled on you- that can definitely happen. It’s loud rock and roll so, get ready to adjust your ears.

VM:So, don’t wear white, and maybe bring some earplugs if you’re a bit of a pussy?
BM: Unless you want a cool design on your shirt sure you can wear white, but I guarantee it won’t come out the same way when you leave.

VM: How is an Australian show different to say, performing in the US?
BM: It seems like the energy is just a lot more up. Everybody is kind of moving around and jumping around and screaming harder. I mean, shows in America are always fun but they just kind of bop their heads and then towards the end they get into it. But it seems like the Australians are ready to rock before we even get on stage, which is good because we feed off of your energy and hopefully the crowd feeds off of ours. So it’s an all-win situation.

Are there any last words you’d like to offer your Australian fans?
BM: I’d say, get ready; get your tickets now because having Andy McCoy here is like a dream come true to me. It’s probably a once in a lifetime thing, it’s not like we’re probably going to do that again. It’s a one time only thing so, get in to see it so you can say that you were there.

Check tour dates and tickets for the Fuckface Unstoppable Balls Deep Tour at the Oztix website




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