Valiant Sessions: Tasty Live Music from up North

At Vulture Magazine, we have Vulture TV, and we reckon that’s about the coolest shit you’ll find on the internet. It’s the perfect mix of intelligence, charm and dickhead. But even we can take a moment from stroking our awesome selves to acknowledge when someone else is doing something cool.

Cue, Valiant Music Sessions.

Synonymous with our ongoing theme of loving things musically related to the Byron Shire, these guys have been releasing some tasty videos, once a week in fact for the past few months. They kicked off with some of their hometown boys, Apart From This, while they were on tour with The Smith Street Band, and they’ve managed to rake in some quality viewing since. Artists are recorded in-store at Valiant Music Store on vintage analogue gear (reel to reel guiz, for real) and filmed for everyone to enjoy.

They’re pretty diverse too, with a broad range of musicians and genres to choose from so you’ll not stay bored when you go digging for some lazy Sunday evening viewing to cap off the weekend. If you need to get on this, head to their Facebook here and their YouTube here to eat it allllllll up using your eyes and ears, not your mouth.




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