The Throwback, 1987


Everyone has one, a soft spot, a weak hinge that get’s blown apart without hesitation by one simple song as we are reduced to a weeping mess. Welcome to 1987, INXS and ‘Never Tear Us Apart’.

Released on their mammoth album Kick in 1987 it was brought out as a single in 1988, but with a song like this, the beginning is all that matters. One of the most sensual, reminiscent ballads to ever touch the ears of the public it contains all the right pauses and layers of synths to build in to a thundering song.

Originally written as a blues number by Andrew Farriss, supposedly in the style of Fats Domino, it was then handed through to Michael Hutchence who penned the heartbreaking lyrics, and produced by Chris Thomas.

The song was a monster that spent seven weeks in the charts in the UK and peaked at number seven on the US Billboard Charts, the video was equally as impressive as we see the band wander through Prague and, rightfully so, give Kirk Pengilly’s liberating saxophone solo the cinematic backdrop it deserved.

The song spawned numerous cover version by artists like Tom Jones, Beck, Joe Cocker and the Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, not to mention the countless, and we mean countless, karaoke attempts and 3am sing-a-longs.

INXS ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, considered by many fans to be Hutchences’ anthem.

Iain McKelvey


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