The Vulture Nest: The Latest Music News, January 22

This week in music news set times and maps for Laneway Festival have been announced, Weird Al has announced a possible Australian tour, Abbie Cornish is rapping again, Sticky Fingers have sold out an unannounced tour and Taylor Swift vs. Triple J is officially a thing. Get ready bitches, this is The Nest.


Kicking off the week, the set times and maps for Laneway have finally arrived. Punters who find excitement in organising their festival experience will now be able to plan ahead for who they want to see and when they want to get crunk. With the line up boasting the likes of St. Vincent, Flight Facilities, Tkay Maidza, FKA Twigs, Banks and a number of others, the festival is looking to be a pretty sweet start for the festivals to come.

Weird Al has taken to Facebook to tell his so called fans to fuck off in the politest of ways. After announcing his tour dates for 2015 a number of people decided they’d share their anger towards the funny man because he isn’t touring their shit cities. Yankovic explained that is isn’t up to him where he goes, if people book him he will come he explained and there was a mention of Australian dates being released when they’re finally sorted out.


Aussie actress Abbie Cornish is in the process of releasing her debut EP; calling herself Dusk and spitting rhymes better than I-G-G-Y herself. The EP titled Key Of The Sun will be out soon we’re told and the lead single, ‘Way Back Home’ is heavy on the gospel and packed with some fierce lyrics. Who woulda thought Candy could spit? – If you don’t get that reference, we’re ashamed for you.

One of the most anticipated festivals of the year has announced its dates. Splendour In The Grass will be held once again in the North Byron Parklands and will run from July 24 – 26. Although there’s no word on who will be touring, the festival runners have started a competition for punters to get their hands on some free tickets. Those interested have to be following @splendourinthegrass on Instagram, and then post their favourite picture from Splendour 2014 tagged with #ThrowbackSplendour14 before next Tuesday. So they basically want to be flooded with a number of shitty pictures that have had the utmost fuck filtered out of them – they’re all about that sierra low-fi, yaasss!

instagram meme

Sydney musos Sticky Fingers have managed to sell out a tour that was never actually formally announced. The upcoming shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in March are now sold out after fans caught wind of the tour and news spread like herpes in O-Week. The band decided on doing the tour because they wanted to celebrate their second album one last time before heading back into the studio to work on album number three due out later this year.

In what can only be called World War 3, hipsters Australia-wide have started to whinge. No it’s not because January is too hot for their skinny legs, ripped up flanos and beanie combos but because pop queen Taylor Swift has threatened their precious radio station Triple J and the annual Hottest 100.

This ridiculous business all began when like every other year, Triple J allowed voters the option of adding songs that aren’t on their “prestigious” list meaning that any artist has the opportunity of making it onto the list – given that their fans are voting for them. That being said, the hipsters complaining that adding T-Swift to the final list will ruin their radio station don’t have a leg to stand on because people can literally vote for almost any song in existence that was released last year.

What deepens the controversy about the whole situation is the fact that as much as Triple J likes to promote itself as a radio station that specialises in showcasing independent music, they’ve been playing mainstream artists like Kanye, Calvin Harris, Foo Fighters, anything Mark Ronson has a hand in touching and even Swift’s BFF Lorde without any one crying about it. This one guy had his own last laugh by sampling the biggest songs that have previously been on the Hottest 100 in the last 20 years and putting Swift’s lyrics over them. If you can last through the 33 minutes, it really is mash-up gold.

As much as we love our independent artists, we at Vulture are a community of people who all have different tastes in music so at the end of it, we don’t get why mainstream artists like Kanye West and Mark Ronson can be on the Hottest 100 list but the highest selling artist in 14 years can’t be. Is it because she’s a young woman who clearly has the potential of taking out the number 1 spot?

Either way, we think the controversy surrounding the whole situation is a hot mess and as Taylor once said – “we live in a takedown culture but I think that you have to, you have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do” so while we’re all fighting over whether or not she should be on the list, Taylor is probably laughing maniacally with her cats and her millions doing exactly this.


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