The Vulture Nest: Latest Music News, March 20

This week in music news- Natalia Kills made a few people angry, Alanis Morissette is working on a Broadway show, Courtney Barnett hung out with Ellen and Guy Sebastian keeps disappointing people. Time to party, it’s The Nest.


Kicking off the week we thought it would be appropriate to share our thoughts on the Natalia Kills/Willy Moon/X Factor NZ situation. If you haven’t got a clue who Kills or Moon are, they’re husband and wife, alternative pop singers and vaguely known in parts of the world for having minor successes. They were also judges on New Zealand’s second season of X Factor up until Sunday night when Kills had a rant about a contestant who she believed was mimicking her husband.


As you’ve most likely heard, Kills and Moon were fired from the show after a petition on (no surprise there) was set up seeking justice and the internet world has launched an all-out assault on the couple. From comments like “kill yourself” and “deport the whore”, their Instagram and Facebook pages are now littered with hate and threats.

Now we’re not condoning what the judges said but we feel it’s necessary to call out the trolls. Nobody knows what was happening behind the camera; for all we know Kills and Moon could have been told exactly what to say. It isn’t hard for reality TV to spice things up – especially when the ratings haven’t been so great and really, the publicity it’s attracted is ridiculous. Remember that time Kyle Sandilands called Jessica Mauboy “jelly belly” and told her to lose a few? We can’t help to think a big reason why people have such a problem with Kills is because she’s an outspoken young woman.

So if you feel like dropping hate on a random stranger because you want to fit in for a minute, don’t.

Shifting on to some nicer news, Alanis is back and she’s pretty busy. If you lived through the 90s you would be familiar with one of the greatest records ever written. Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill was one of the highest selling records when it was released 20 years ago, and now Morissette is working on a Broadway adaptation. Kind of like the Green Day one but full of less teen angst.


Morissette is also working on a self-help book/memoir due out later this year, she was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards this past week and she’s working on a remastered version of Jagged Little Pill to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. 2015 is starting to sound a lot less boring now, boys and girls.

Courtney Barnett is shaping up to take the world by storm. With her debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit out March 20th, currently touring the States as a part of SXSW and she recently won the hearts of millions when she performed a killer rendition of ‘Depreston’ on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Girl can throw down and by the looks of it, she’ll be at superstar status by the time her April/May tour over here rocks around.

Wrapping up the week, you may or may not have heard Guy Sebastian is heading to Eurovison. A lot of people were outraged, and the public census quickly became apparent Sebastian is too beige. Anyhow, he hasn’t let the haters get to him and this past week he released the song that he plans on performing at the festival. SBS described ‘Tonight Again’ as “the trademark soulful sound, which Guy is renowned for.  With a contemporary R&B style bursting with hooks, beats and celebratory lyrics, ‘Tonight Again’ is a song that belongs on the Eurovision stage.”

We couldn’t agree any less if we tried. This song sounds like the next big thing for 16 year olds to bop to when getting white girl wasted while their mum watches The Bold and The Beautiful. Yes, we know Eurovision punks itself every year with its ridiculousness but seriously, why fix what ain’t broke? Send Jessica Mauboy back over there to remind the world how us Aussies really get turnt.





Alex Parker


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