The Vulture Nest: Latest Music News, April 10

This week in music news – Tkay Maidza is continuing to slay the world, The Jungle Giants have thrown a tour at us, Natalia Kills is calling out trolls who can’t let go and we’ve found a place to dump all those people who ruined Future Music Festival. Turn up y’all it’s The Nest.


Kicking off the week, the girl on the tip of everyone’s tongue; Tkay Maidza is tearing it up in The States and has just dropped a new music video that she collaborated on with electronic producer MUST DIE! The track, ‘Imprint’ was released last year but the video is fresh so we’re serving it up for you to get your weekend kicked into gear and if you think you’ve heard your fave spit some of the sickest lyrics yet, ain’t none of them got a thing on Tkay.


Everyone’s favourite indie-rockers from Brisbane, The Jungle Giants have announced a tour for May in the lead up to their as-yet-untitled second studio album. The tour will span five cities with Moses Gun Collective and Foreign National supporting. Grrrl Pal and Flower Drums will be joining them for their Perth date so get excited.

And if a tour isn’t enough to get you keen their latest single ‘Every Kind of Way’ is due out April 10 and if it’s anything to go by, the new album will be a ripper.


By now you’ve most likely heard that Future Music Festival was indefinitely cancelled a little while back, we weren’t surprised given that the main demographic for festival goers were ‘roided up tank top abusers and 16 year old girls crunk out of their minds so we couldn’t help but say good riddance – that was until today. Australia’s first-ever electronic and dance themed cruise ship music festival Sea ‘N Beats was announced yesterday and all of sudden we could hear gym memberships nationwide being renewed.


Along with the initial announcement, the first line up of artists for Sea ‘N Beats was also announced. Boasting the likes of Alison Wonderland, Hot Dub Time Machine, SAFIA, Hayden James and a whole mess more, it’s likely going to be the messiest thing to come out of Australia since this.


Sorry gurl.

Anywho, tickets go on sale April 13 and for a whopping $960 for basic tickets that stretch to $2,995 for the fancier cabins you can enjoy three days at sea with one of the grossest sub-cultures to have existed in Australia.


Shout out to Sky Ferreira, she announced the name of her upcoming sophomore album the other day. Masochism is due out sometime this year and we can only hope it will be the record that kicks her career into motion. Her debut Night Time, My Time was a bit of a flop so fingers crossed Masochism will be her saving grace.


Wrapping up the week it’s time for some real talk about Natalia Kills. After her now infamous altercation with a contestant on X-Factor New Zealand and her subsequent firing she’s basically found herself the worlds most hated woman and it’s time for the world to stop. Three weeks later and the trolls of the Internet feel like it’s still okay to send death threats to a young woman who has done nothing that personally affected them – go figure. The only person looking like a douche at the end of the day are these trolls and we’d like to extend an olive branch of sorts to Natalia and her husband Willy Moon – we feel for you both and although what happened has now blown to proportions bigger than expected we don’t doubt that you guys will make the biggest comeback since Cher’s 48th farewell tour – we see you gurl. And hey, bonus points to Natalia for taking action and calling the trolls out on her own, because people like this don’t deserve Internet access; props to ya, mama.


Alex Parker


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