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The 18th of May 2012, was a bit of a shit day really. The inner child that lies within all of us died a little when we discovered the three original members of the beloved children’s music group, The Wiggles were to hang up their skivvies after 21 years. Murray Cook, the red one, Jeff Fatt, the purple one and Greg Page, the yellow one are leaving Anthony Field, the blue one, with a new, younger cast and, for the first time, a female member. We guess Anthony will be like their dad or something.

At the peak of their career, The Wiggles were named Australia’s top earning entertainers in four consecutive years, with earnings up to $45 million a year, and are arguably one of our greatest exports next to Crocodile Dundee and beef.

Photograph courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

The 18th of May was also the day disco died. It was reported Donna Summer, known for d-floor anthems such as Love to Love You Baby had died the previous morning at the age of 63. The cause of death has not been disclosed but reports said she battled with cancer. Her family released a statement saying; “words truly can’t express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time.” The five-time Grammy winner will be remembered for her sultry voice that could be both defiantly powerful and delicate at the same time.

In another blow to disco, Rolling Stone has reported that Robin Gibb, one third of disco legends the Bee Gees, died on Sunday, age 62. Gibb battled colon and liver cancer two years ago and after making what he called a “spectacular recovery,” a secondary tumor recently developed. His long fight with cancer was complicated further by a number of health scares in recent years, including a case of pneumonia.

His spokesperson released the following statement:

“The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time.”

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Beach House made an impromptu statement via their Facebook page concerning an unlicensed imitation of their track ‘Take Care’ from their album Teen Dream that appeared in a British Volkswagen commercial.

“Hate to have to address this VW ad story during our release week, but an important part of information wasn’t included in the news story. The ad agency actively tried to license “take care” from us for weeks, to which we politely declined. People’s comments/ anger should not be directed towards VW or us. It was the ad agency that made these moves. I hope this also clarifies to fans and non- fans just how “take care” and the vw ad song are related. We will release a proper statement weeks from now when we don’t have more interesting things to do/ talk about,” the statement said.

It seems like musical genius Jack White’s attempts to secure the Guinness World Record for most metaphors used in a single concert has been shot to pieces. According to White’s website, officials counted 1,203 metaphors in three minutes (ZOMG) at his performance in Gulf Shores, but say White “trivialized a metaphor by saying it too quickly.” The attempt was lost but he will try again at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

“Some metaphors were lyrical and others came from moments such as lighting changes and even the calm weather itself during the chorus which momentarily had the feel of grandma’s house in winter. By the seventh song alone the hard work led to two of the Guinness officials to wander the catering table, leaving the counting to their partner who, new to the grueling scientific process involved, accidentally counted 312 similes and three mere comparisons.”

Fucking amateurs.

Soph Goulopoulos


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