The Falls Single Release

What a difference a single letter can make: worlds away from the snarling aggression of Mark E Smith, The Falls (plural) offer up an altogether more introverted musical experience in their debut EP Hollywood.

Comprising of acoustic guitar, sweet vocal harmonies and toy piano (amongst other “cute things” wielded by Melinda Kirwin, one half of the duo), Hollywood’s single ‘Home’ muses on the possibility of escaping one’s roots, ultimately finding vocalist, guitarist and box-stomper Simon Rudston-Brown in the same boat as Michael Corleone.

Displaying an exemplary dedication to their artistic partnership, Kirwin and Rudston-Brown recorded Hollywood as a freshly defunct couple, inevitably investing the EP with a share of the emotions that dominate in the wake of a breakup.

What started with 4-track demos – recorded as an alternative to indulging in self-pity – was refined by Tony Buchen (Old Man River, Andy Bull, WIM, Washington), within the walls of the Hotel Hollywood in Sydney, the venue at which the duo met, performed and refined their sound.

The presence of the venue extends even down to the reverb, achieved in the downstairs men’s toilets amongst the porcelain and ammonia.

With piss and the pub sutured so fundamentally into the identity of the record, Hollywood may have more in common with Salford post-punk than initially meets the ear.

Hollywood is available digitally and in store August 3.

Ryan Lloyd


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