The Cool Kid That Is L D R U

Drew Carmody AKA L D R U is on fire these days. The trapical master of beats is a busy kid, but boy do we love it when he hits the decks. He’ll be taking off on a national tour next month, but before he does, we got to have a cheeky catch up and find out just what this guy is all about.



Vulture Magazine: There have been plenty of renditions/covers of ‘Keeping Score’ since it dropped. What’s the craziest version you’ve heard? How did you feel about the Paces and Guy Sebastian Like A Version cover?
L D R U: Paces was by far my favourite remix and I didn’t think that could be topped, until I heard his Like A Version with Guy Sebastian. It was so surreal hearing someone do such a beautiful rendition of my own song.

VM: Can you give us a little rundown of your pre-gig ritual?
L: I don’t think I really have a ritual per say. I guess the only thing that is common before every set is the VB in my hand and the smile on my face.

VM: Stand out gig story from the last 12 months?
L: SITG 2015 was definitely the best show I’ve ever played. The crowd was mental. The tent we played in was overflowing with people. I just remember looking out and seeing a sea of people all with smiles on there faces singing along. That was pretty special.

VM: You’re on the road a lot between L D R U and Carmada. DJ fuel is important; what’s your favourite road snack and why?
L: Theres nothing better than a greasy bacon and egg roll the morning after a show when you’re on tour. My tour manager has been trying to get me into protein bars, but I’m not sold on them yet.

VM: Tell us a little about your creative process?
L: I love working with vocalists. I find that when I’m working with a great singer I tend to write my best music. 

VM: Do you keep working on new music while you’re on the road? Or is it all about the tour?
L: Yeah I’m always working on new music. When you’re on tour you spend a lot of time sitting in planes or vans so it’s a great way to pass the time.

VM: Any festivals or venues you haven’t made it to yet that you’d like to play?
L: Coachella.

VM: Do you have any artists you’d be keen to work with in the not-so-distant future?
L: There’re so many artists that I would love to work with. First on my list is Guy Sebastian; I think it would be really cool to work with him. Other than that Childish Gambino.

VM: Do you have a pick for an up-and-comer we should keep our eyes on?
L: Elk Road; that guy is making straight fire

VM: What’s next?
L: Release my EP and get overseas to spread the love.

Seth Robinson


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