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Tara Simmons – Where Do You Go Video Released

In the build up to the release of her debut album, Brisbane singer Tara Simmons has released the video clip to her song ‘Where Do You Go’. The song will feature on her yet to be completed sophomore release It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains and joins the track ‘Be Gone’. Both ‘Where Do You Go’ and its predecessor have had airplay on triple j and Simmons is slowly becoming a favourite amongst the cool kids.

Simmons’ style of music could be defined as vintage, favoring aspects of glam, synth-pop and pre-MTV electronica. This pixie-sized starlet’s voice is coated with various effects, including her own voice echoing her own voice, but do not worry, there is no auto tune in sight.

The film clip for ‘Where Do You Go’ models itself off the lo-fi music videos of back in the day and suites the synth-pop and dance beat of the track down to a T. When watching Simmons’ new video the phrase “(wo)man’s best friend” comes to mind. Why we are bringing up this phrase would make a hell of a lot more sense if you watched it.

Simmons’ has possibly launched a dog into space and left it on the moon. It really depends on whether you believe in everything you see on the internet. The clip features Simmons with a pair of goggles that would make any self-respecting cyber-goth jealous and a medium sized longhaired terrier pooch also sporting some protective eyewear. This clip does give off a bit of an extra-terrestrial 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe, and it’s dated visual effects and fiery planets make this video stand out dramatically from everything currently being produced.

With a dab of abstract, a topless half-naked helmeted hero appears and rockets Simmons to another world. Or possibly dimension. We at Vulture think you can watch it and make up your own mind. All in all, if you woke up when this was playing on Rage, you would probably make more sense of it – mostly because you would be tripping.

‘Where Do You Go’ is available now to download on iTunes.

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