Speed Dating with GANZ

We sat down on a speed date and low and behold GANZ was sitting as our first date. The inner journalist took over and we were soon talking music. So let’s get to know GANZ a touch better…


Vulture Magazine: Tell us about what got you interested in music and what the real catapulting moment was that put you where youre at now?

I have always loved music and I started drumming years ago. After that I decided to make music on parents computer because, and that was a whole new world for me. I realised I could do more than just play the drums.


VM: So weve got Loneon repeat and seriously diiiig this tune. What was it like to work with JOY. and What So Not on the track? 

It was super great. Chris and I made that track a while ago and finally finished a year later, then added JOY.s vocals which suited perfectly.


VM: Now, looking at GAO as a whole, do you have a favourite track? Or a most challenging?

To be honest I do love every track, but I think I love Dark Places and Light Years the most because those are the two tracks that dont really sound like my earlier stuff.


VM: Being originally form The Netherlands, whats driven you to explore the Australian music scene so heavily? What are some key differences you see between European and Australian electronic music?

In a way, I think Australians appreciate music a lot more. In the Netherlands the people find it hard to accept new music If it sounds a bit different then they will push it away for some reason. There are a lot of people who like other stuff than what is being played on the radio, which is a good thing, it’s just that theres not that many.


VM: Weve noticed in some of your work you draw in very dreamy, futuristic ethereal tones; where do you get this inspiration form? One fan on Facebook commented that it sounds like something from Kingdom Heartswhich made us laughbut also raise a brow. 

I always want to make music with emotion in it, something that tells a story. That’s why I put those euphoric and dreamy sounds in my music.


VM: Any dream collabs?

I’m working on an album now and I would like to have a few people on it. Anyone from Danny Brown to Kucka.


VM: SPLENDOURRRRRR! Whatre you most stoked for in this show? Anyone youre hoping to catch live while youre there?

I think I will try out a lot of drafts I made for the album, so I’m curious about how people will react because nobody has ever heard it before.


VM: So we want to know Jordy a little more personally, because, honestly, youre a bit of an enigma on Google.

I’m just a normal guy from the Netherlands who makes music, does what he likes and gets to explore the world while getting to know a lot of nice people.


VM: Besides producing bangers, what do you like to do for fun?

I loveeeeee to cook.


VM: Favourite green room snack?

Probably Bacardi and a Coke and a cigarette haha.


VM: Dream Sunday morning?

Waking up after the best show ever having forgot which tracks I played and looking back footage someone captured. 

Madeleine Daily


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