SLAM GOES NATIONAL: Day of Action for Live Music Announced‏

In early 2010, 20,000 passionate advocates for live music took to the streets of Melbourne in opposition of the misguided government policies which unfairly linked live music to violent and antagonistic behaviour. On February 23, 2010 SLAM (Save Live Music Australia) was born. The SLAM Rally implored Melbournians to fight for live music, beseeching policy makers to remove the stigma they had attached to the live music scene, and instead strengthen the live music culture around Australia. Marching through the streets of Melbourne to the tune of “Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC, protesters actively showed their support of and displayed their passion for live music.

Punters show support in their thousands

In the seven months following the rally, SLAM representatives, along with the then newly formed Music Victoria, negotiated the Live Music Agreement, which officially declared that live music does not cause violence. Since then a number of important changes have been negotiated, provoking reform in many key areas of the music industry. SLAM has been a key contributor in the areas of Busking Policy, the Live Music Strategy for the City of Melbourne, the City of Yarra’s Live Music Working Group, and the Music Council of Victoria.


SLAM makes it their mission to support and maintain the scene which we all love and revere. So, let’s support them!


Exactly two years on, SLAM Day 2012 will see the reunification of SLAM supporters, as well as many others, to celebrate the thriving music culture in this country and the institution that is the live gig. Music communities around Australia are inviting all music fans to participate in the now national day that celebrates live music of all kinds.

The Vulture was representing at the original rally

The list of public SLAM advocates is impressive to say the least, including Paul Kelly, Dan Sultan, Nick Cave, Clare Bowditch, Paul Dempsey, Tim Rogers, Cut Copy, Slash, Myf Warhurst, Augie March and Nic Cester, just to name a few.


How can I get involved we hear you ask? Well, that’s easy!

Venues – you can register all gigs on the SLAM website at – it is free to sign up!

Musicians – you guys just need to get in contact with your local venues and organise a National SLAM Day gig – could there be a better excuse?

Everyone else – get your arse along to a live gig on February 23rd, 2012 and rock out to show your support!


If you want to know which venues and artists are participating, you can also “Like” SLAM on Facebook which will help you keep up with all the live music news:

SLAM makes it their mission to support and maintain the scene which we all love and revere. So, let’s support them! Get out there, get your tickets, and back your local artists and communities. Relish the opportunity to experience the hullabaloo that is live music, combined with the intimacy that you can only get from a small venue.

In the words of Paul Kelly “small venues were my university”.

Anna Moull


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