Single Review: Per Purpose, Eureka

The purely material listener – sitting at home with their vinyl/mp3/cassette for company – might be forgiven in painting for themselves a non-representative portrait of Brisbane’s Per Purpose.


A cassette in a limited 100-run via Vacant Valley, Eureka is their first artifact since the ‘Warburton/Business’ 7” on Bedroom Suck just over a year ago, and the first to capture a twinned guitar-strain dialogue since Mitch Perkins’ even more ancient debut.

Released in the undertow of October’s debut LP Circle the Stains, ‘Eureka’ has genesis in the same sessions, and in common with test of taste in ‘Isn’t It’ suggests an illusory statement of current recorded style.

A vocal equal part pulled to foreground as deprived of background, Glen Schenau retains all the invective bark and howl of prior with the addition of dramatic lull and interval. Moments bordering on the reflective almost intimate, Schenau is framed more than previous in a role of focal lyricist.

This shift of reliance from raw vocal charisma to intelligible vocal meaning places a burden on lyrics – historically taken form in obtuse, percussively constructed word-strings – borne out more or less successfully in ‘Eureka’. The re-framing in narrative seems to rub with Schenau’s established style – marked early by an aversion to personal pronouns – but doesn’t at any point see falter in momentum: length is the issue. Perkins’ and Schenau’s strung dissonance has distinct amble and atmosphere, but feels spread thin over 9.19. A more perfunctory take might have served with more impact.

The redemption of any shortfall here is its irrelevance. The Circle the Stains sessions are already quaint curiosities, framed within an ongoing evolution. The live, animate Per Purpose continues to move and grow, heedless off record.

Listen to ‘Eureka’. Buy the tape for the document curiosity it is. But see the band.

Ryan Lloyd


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