Props to Perth // Respect Where Respect is Due.

The East Coast of Australia holds around 80% of our population. It has Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Over on the West side you have Perth, the second most isolated city in the world.

Fair to say Perth cops a bit of shit from the other big cities and quite frankly we’ve had enough of it.

Sure Perth has limited attractions, everything is expensive and the entire place seems to shutdown at midnight but do you know what happens when you live in a city that can be boring as fuck? You create dammit!

Perth is the playground of many a talented artist and as far as music goes, Perth can certainly compete with the best of them. The Farris brothers of INXS fame came from Perth, as did David Helfgott, Tim Minchin, The Triffids and Pendulum. If you expand the radius a little further you also get The Waifs from down south and John Butler Trio from Fremantle. The list really could keep going. Fuck it, the list shall keep going.

Perth has Jebediah, Beaverloop, Maximum Perversion, Gyroscope, Cinema Prague, Drapht, Snowman, Abbie May, Slumberjack, Birds Of Tokyo, End Of Fashion, Little Birdy, Ta-Ku, Luke Steele, Felicity Groom, Downsyde (not to mention Syllabolix in general), Mathas, Tame Impala, The Panics, Karnivool and mother fucking Pond.

And at the end of the day, if Nick Sheppard from The Clash chose to live there then it can’t be too fucking bad can it.

Meagan de Koning


  1. Avatar
    Joel April 23, 2015

    You forgot SHOCKONE!

  2. Avatar
    Dave April 23, 2015

    I like how Perth is so good, that it can’t even get 500 words written about it. I mean there’s so many bands that aren’t on that list, and the ones that are all kind of suck.



    • Avatar
      Will April 23, 2015

      We will bring that to the attention of our Perth gal. Thanks!

  3. Avatar
    Meagan de Koning April 23, 2015

    SORRY DAVE. Wanted to keep it short and sweet. There’s a shit load of dope musicians from Perth but long lists tend to get boring. Rest assured we know many are missing 🙂


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