Photo Gallery: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Melbourne

It was a cool 36 degrees on Saturday, and by cool we mean so fucking hot that sweat poured down from the crack of our butt whilst standing still. Not even joking a little bit. We drank 3 litres of water and didn’t take a leak once. COOL.

But besides the humidity that could suffocate a small puppy, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival at the Footscray Community Centre went off without a hitch. And sure, mayyyyybe people were looking through the fences at the Maribrynong River to see if they could spot any more floating body parts from that unsettling news story from earlier in the week, but that didn’t interrupt the hoards of people out and about to have a good time and listen to some great fucking jams.

The cheese toasties were superb, the free water was sweet, the trees were shading and the music was mint. Not much more you could ask for on a Melbourne summer day. FKA Twigs pulled a MASSIVE crowd, we saw one skinny dude pass out like a bitch in the crowd at Mac Demarco and we couldn’t help but see up St Vincent‘s dress when she wailed out on her guitar. Honorable mentions go to Royal Blood‘s drummer who smashed the skins so hard, shards of wood were flying across the stage and Vic Mensa‘s DJ who took time to chat to the crowd and give out bottles of water and cans of Red Bull to the dehydrated masses.

Enjoy our fully sick photo gallery.

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Michelle Pitiris


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