Phia and Mez Medallion – Poland Tour Diary

DIY indie power-couple and Melbourne exports Phia (Sophia Exiner) and Mez Medallion (Joshua Teicher) are bringing their individual blends of pop music from their current home in Berlin to Poland for a national tour. And they’ve very kindly given us unrestricted access to their tour diary! Over the coming weeks, you’ll get a taste of what life is like on tour for these indie-pop wunderkinds.
26 April 2012
By: Phia

Yesterday we had a day off hanging out at in the home town of our tour manager Rafal. He had booked in a tattoo appointment (awesome picture of a fox) so Josh and I chilled at his parents’ house, being fed delicious traditional Polish food, checking emails and playing with the dog. Nice and domestic, although we don’t speak Polish and Rafal’s parents don’t speak English, so a lot of mime and smiling took place.

Composing on our day off

It is so great having a local as tour manager – on Wednesday Rafal took us on a bit of a sightseeing tour. First to a castle, perched high on a cliff face. We recorded a live video of one to my songs in the castle courtyard. Next we headed to a beautiful national park, full of rock formations, trees and little streams. We ended up making an impromptu video clip for one of Josh’s songs, involving me driving the car very slowly, Rafal sitting in the boot of the car filming Josh walking behind the car, miming to the song under the mountains.

The castle - Pretty impressive!

After a delicious meal at one of Rafal’s friend’s apartment, we snuck in a little rehearsal at the hostel we were staying at. Jarek is a cellist and composer who I met here on the last tour, and he got in touch to see whether he could play on some of my songs at this Krakow gig, which I was over the moon about.

Impromptu film clip shoot in the national park

We were playing at a little art cafe, with just a tiny guitar amp so it was very small and intimate. Only organised a few days ago, sometimes the last minute shows are the best! In this case it certainly was, as there was a real buzz in the packed little room, doors were open onto the street where people were standing listening in from the footpath. Josh played a more stripped back version of his tunes which went down a treat and Jarek came up for three of my songs, which was really magical. It’s given me some ideas for my next recording.

An awesome vegetarian place we found

Today we are off to Katowice, we have a busy week ahead. 7 gigs in 6 cities in 7 days! Phew.

I love our tiny tour car!

You can read about more of Phia and Mez Medallion’s Polish adventures in Part 1 and Part 2 of their exclusive Vulture Magazine Tour Diary



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