Moist Music: The Fjords’ ‘All In’

M-m-m-m-m-mmmmoist and somewhat controversial.

This weeks Moist Music pick comes all the way from Norway and with it packs a ton of 80’s references and child’s play in the explosive music video.

Sure, we can remember like it was yesterday when we strapped our Goonies cartridge into our neighbour’s Nintendo and tried our best to get Mikey to save the underwater princess lady – even though there was ZERO underwater princess ladies in the actual Goonies movie- but still, we dug it. And sure, that makes us hella old and crusty. But at least we know and recognise all the cool toys, gizmo’s and gadgets in this video.

What we DIDN’T do, is strap the console to out back and go kill a bunch of people with it. Playing very closely with fire, the video for ‘All In’ may not go down smoothly with some, however, the music itself is effectual and delish.

Hence, this moist patch on our chair.

Watch and see what we mean.

Michelle Pitiris


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