Moist Music: JOY.

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm moist. So soft, and tender and wet around the edges.

The word moist doesn’t get used enough, but we are using it as much as we can now because we’re perverted like that. And in this instance, we are using it to describe the new track from Brisbane teenager and whispery vocal sensation, JOY.

If you’re a fan of her on the old book of faces (our swag name for Facebook) we have noticed that she’s got the sense of humor of what we think a smurf would have if it dropped an acid tab.

Exhibit A)


Exhibit B)


Exhibit C)



Shit, that last one’s not JOY. That’s our selfie. HOW DID THAT GET THERE GUYS!!??

Anyyyyyhoo, JOY.’s latest track ‘Weather‘ is our pick for Moist Music this week.

Get moist.

P.: Hey guys, it’s Nichole…

Michelle Pitiris


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