Melbourne Art Fair: Vernissage

Below is a summary of Do’s and Don’ts for this year’s Vernissage at the Melbourne Art Fair. It may be used as a general guide for the opening of any exhibition where there is a lot of ground to be covered and cocktails and canapés to be consumed:


1. Locate the source of delicious nibbly bits supplied by Bayleaf Catering as a matter of urgency. This is a must if you are going to last the full three and a half hours without keeling over from exhaustion, sensory overload and an excess of Chandon.

2. Wear sensible shoes: there are acres of artworks on show

3. Be prepared to have a laugh: some of these artists have a sense of humour!

4. Leave your conservatism at the door – there are some confronting pieces on display

5. Keep a count of the number of glasses of wine you’ve managed to consume (see point 5 below)

6. Make a point of visiting the Arts Project Australia stand – this is one charity organisation that neither patronises nor dictates to its artists. They are a talented unrestrained bunch that continually surprise.

7. Visit Marita Smith of GallerySmith in North Melbourne. She is pretty as a picture and her gallery was one of Vulture’s favourites.

8. Take a friend with a knowledge of art – it helps your cred and you might even learn something


1. Arrive late – there is lots to see

2. Check your coat in at the cloakroom: the queue goes forever and it’s not that warm in the Royal Exhibish on a cold winter’s night. Plus you might forget to collect it until you’re halfway home in the taxi. (See point 5 below)

3. Never utter those fatal words “I don’t know much about art…” or you will suddenly find yourself not as fascinating as you thought you were

4. Attempt to take photos of unsuspecting celebs – it’s polite to ask first.

5. Don’t let those sneaky waiters top up your glass when you’re not looking.

6. Miss the next Melbourne Art Fair in 2014


What: Melbourne Art Fair 2012 Vernissage

When: 7pm – 10.30pm, Wednesday 1 August, 2012

Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens Melbourne

Tickets: $175


What: Melbourne Art Fair 2012

When: From 11 am Thursday August 2 – Sunday August 5, 2012

Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens Melbourne

Tickets: Adult $30 Concession $22


Bookings: 03 9416 1516 or purchase online at

Betty Barker


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