LRDU @ Northcote Social Club

If LDRU’s sold out gig at the Northcote Social club taught us here at Vulture Mag anything, it’s that a stage full of inflatable palm trees is a sign of crazy things to come. There are plenty of adjectives that come to mind for an LDRU show, but give it a minute, and there’s one that stands out above all else: loose. It’s sweaty, it’s loud, and from track one there is a vicious baseline that gets the people jumping and the floor shaking.

The Northcote Social Club is a cool little venue, and walking up from the street, you’d be hard pressed to pick it as the setting for a sold out LDRU show. It’s a pub, and asking at the door, you’re ushered through a side entrance that opens onto it’s own smoky little dungeon. It’s cozy, and it’s got a killer sound system, so when a show sells out, it ends up with you wedged in between some of the craziest kids in all of Melbourne. Saturday night featured one guy who did the Macarena for forty minutes straight.


The LDRU gig was a slow burn, with it taking a while for the crowd to come ambling in and the vibe to build. Special shout out goes to Manilla Killa, LDRU’s support act for the night, who set the mood with a versatile set including some serious bangers and classic trance anthems. He did the job of all good warm-up acts, roping everybody in and getting them psyched. By the time the plastic palm trees were set up on stage, things were getting pretty manic.

The big man, LDRU, did not disappoint. His opening, a cute little rendition of the VB theme song set the tone, anyone who hadn’t cracked a tinnie already did so in honor, and everyone else got jumping. If there are handprints on the ceiling now, we wouldn’t be surprised. LDRU’s set itself left little in the way of down time, and there were a few members of the audience who seemed a little startled. If you glanced around the outside edge of the mosh, you caught a few disconcerted, middle age faces, who we got the impression had heard his tracks on Triple J and come expecting more of the same. While “Keeping Score” and “Next To You” definitely made an appearance, it was in an imaginatively remixed form that saw them blend seamlessly with the rest of the set. It’ll be interesting to see how future LDRU sets evolve as he establishes more of a back catalogue, but all in all, if you want to party, there is no better way to spend your Saturday night than at an LDRU show. We’ll be front and center next time he comes to town.

Seth Robinson


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