Kings Of The Hill: Our Interview With Pressure From The Hilltop Hoods

Ever since the release of Back Once Again in 97, quite the gem for us vinyl heads, the Hilltop Hoods have been providing a good home for Hip-Hop in Australia. With seven studio albums and a corresponding seven Aria awards, the Hilltop Hoods have travelled the world delivering their head nodding mix of delicious beats, tasty lyrics and well-rounded musical pleasure, and they’re coming to a town near you.


We caught up with Pressure to find out what’s going on with our Hip-Hop heroes.

VM: 2014 was a busy year on the road for you guys, what’s in stock for 2015?
Pressure: We just finished Future Music Festival, which we did through Feb to early March, so Groovin’ The Moo is the second national tour that we will be doing for 2015. Then we’re coming off the road for about a month to work on a side project that we’re working on, which we haven’t announced yet so I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what it is.

VM: Ah, top secret. That’s all right we understand.
Pressure: Exactly. Then we’re doing a month in Europe playing the Vfestival, some sideshows and some other festivals around Germany and Switzerland, so a bit of touring there, then we’re coming back and we’re finishing said side project. In short lots more touring and lots more creative sort of stuff in the studio.

VM: So when can we expect to hear this new project?
Pressure: Probably later this year, yeah I’d say late this year.

VM: How do you feel about your upcoming Groovin’ The Moo performances?
Pressure: We’ve toured a lot and played Groovin’ The Moo a ton of times. It’s one of our favourite festivals so we’re stoked to be playing it again.

VM: The song ‘Through The Dark’ from the new album Walking Under The Stars features you singing. Is this the first time you’ve sung on record?
Pressure: Me and Suffa have been doing melodic hooks for years but it’s more like rapping to a tune rather than singing, so yeah this is the first time.

VM: Is that a new direction you’re planning to take?
Pressure: Not really. For that song, I wrote the hook with the intention of getting a vocalist in to sing it, like we had done with other tracks from the album. Basically the song turned out to be too personal and I decided that it would probably be better for me to sing it rather than have someone else sing about my son. It would have felt a bit false so I just ended up singing the hook. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone a little but I’m glad I did it. Musically we took a different direction with this album so I guess it was part and parcel with it.

VM: You guys are notorious for your high energy and entertaining live shows, how have you maintained this for so long?Pressure: It’s part passion; part experience and part learning how to just enjoy yourself on stage at the same time as giving everything to the crowd. I think the more we give the crowd, the more they give back.

VM: Anything else for the readers?
Pressure: We’ll see you at Groovin’ The Moo. Roll on up with a good attitude and we’ll have a good time.

You can catch the Hilltop Hoods playing Groovin’ The Moo around the country in April and May. For more information and tickets visit the official Groovin’ The Moo website  or visit Moshtix


Meagan de Koning


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