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After the drop of smooth jammer ‘Through Your Eyes’ feat. La Mar a few weeks ago, we knew we had to have a chat with the masterminds that make up producing duo YesYou. Gav and Jono (pronounced John-O, we regretfully learned after multiple mispronunciations) are two Brisbane based boys who have been working together since secondary school and are as easy going in real life as they are behind the decks. We caught up with Gav on a rainy Tuesday in the Queensland capital and learned all about conflict (or lack thereof), the future, and his creepy ideas for a first date.


Vulture Magazine: So you guys have known each other since high school? After knowing and working together for so long, how do you deal with creative conflict?

Gav: I think that we know each other so well now that it’s not an issue. When you work with someone for so long it becomes really easy, like if Jono feels super strong about a part I just let it go and it’s the same with him. We don’t have much conflict anymore because we’ve come to realize that with all the songs we’ve released if both of us weren’t involved then there wouldn’t be a song. So whatever Jono liked or whatever I liked, it worked.


VM: How did you come to work with La Mar? What was that like?

G: I’m a bit of a SoundCloud junkie (us too!) and I spend a lot of time just getting my head across new music and I also follow a few blogs and that’s how I came across La Mar’s first song Anchor. After hearing that I was just like “woah…we have to work with them.” They were really nice and got straight back to us and told us they’d send some instrumentals. It honestly just took like, a day. I think it’s good when you find people you have mutual respect for because you straight away start off on really good footing. It was such an easy collaboration, probably the easiest track we’ve worked on. We hope to do more stuff with them, they’re really nice guys.


VM: Are there any other groups you’re hoping to work with, that you can tell us about?

G: I think what we’re trying to do is find people with a different sound but still have what we really like which is that soulful, R&B type feel to them. We’re working with this one guy, Hari Mint, who we think is going to be really big. He’s incredible; when I heard his voice I was just like “this is ridiculous.” We’re also working with James Chatburn, he’s got an amazing voice. We’ve got some other people we’re working with as well but I just want people to wait until they hear it so they can be like “WOAH!”


VM: What was it like to see ‘Through Your Eyes’ get so much love, so fast?

G: It was crazy. It’s funny because we’ve had this song for so long and when you’re sitting in the studio like most days, doing endless amounts of writing and trying to figure out new songs, you get lost in what’s good and I really think we lost perspective on ‘Through Your Eyes’. We didn’t necessarily believe it was good enough to be a single so to see it do well, we were like “what the hell is going on?” It’s good when stuff like that happens because it reminds you to trust what you’ve done and know that when you were making it you did the right thing. It was awesome, but now we have to turn that into something real; keep it going.

VM: So let’s talk future. Tours? Festivals? Albums?

G: We’re going to get out and do some shows next year; it’s just about picking the right things. We really just want to make it special and we really want to work on being engaging in our live performances. We’re also working towards the album. We’ve got a fair amount of songs done, it’s about 60% completed, but just saying now that we’re putting out an album makes it a lot easier to work towards. We’ve been around for a while so I think having the album and the new live show is really going to give people a much better understanding of what we do and who we are, in music and our own personalities.


VM: Okay, enough serious stuff. What’s your ideal first date?

G: There’s an amazing Korean barbecue place in the city that’s so awesome, they have Asahi on tap (wut) so I’d say that’s where I’d go first and then, is it sad to say I’d come home and watch Law and Order: SVU? Wait..

VM: Uh…

G: Yeah I guess it’d be weird to ask a girl on a first date to come watch SVU at my apartment.


[long pause]


VM: Anyways, let’s play Five Things/Five Seconds. Five favourite candle scents?

G: Pizza, fish and chips, lavender… rose… uh… uh… lemon myrtle! Oh God! Lemon myrtle is so old lady.


Despite their affliction with weird dates and the smell of your great aunt’s house, YesYou is a killer duo who are destined to be blowing up the electronic scene soon. We can’t wait for the release of their upcoming album, which fans can expect in the first half of next year.

Madeleine Daily


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