Joelistics @ The Flying Saucer Club

The Vulture was lucky enough to be invited to check out Joelistics for an intimate little evening on Friday night at the Flying Saucer Club

It has been quite a number of years since we’d seen Joelistics (of TZU fame) so we had no idea what to expect. That’s probably the best mindset to bring into any gig because ultimately the bloke performed so many powerful combinations to deliver one hard hitting set that we were questions why we don’t see him more.

Beginning with some spoken word he showcased both his extensive knowledge of the English language and his inquisitive wordplay. From there he took us back to the TZU days with a cover they performed for Triple J’s Like A Version followed by Miriam’s Song.

It was an informal occasion without the awkward shuffling of a crowd not knowing why they were there. Plenty of crowd reaction and engagement ensured no one was left with glazed eyes. Special shout outs to the lady that strutted right up to the stage and heckled Joelistics. We have no idea what she said or why, but she rattled the bloke. Always nice to see someone without the mic having their say.

Joelistics heads out on the road with Smith Street Band next so keep an eye out for that. It’ll be fucking epic



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