Iowa Announce Debut Album

Melbourne based rockers, Iowa have announced that they will be releasing their debut album Never Saw it Coming this April.

No, they are not a Slipknot cover band. No, they are not a bunch of American patriots either. All the more reason to like them, really.

“It will not be as surprising as waking up on a Sunday morning in bed with Vladimir Putin and Bjork making you breakfast in the kitchen.”

The trio formed in 2010 and were recently voted the eighth best ‘Newish Band’ in a Mess and Noise end of year reader poll.

They have recently launched ‘Panic Attack’ as the first single from their debut album. ‘Panic Attack’ has already received some radio play and the pending release of the album is sure to secure more airplay for the trio.

With Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Stewart’s fuzzy bending layered riffs reminiscent of what rock used to be, drummer Matt Rooney’s fast paced, rocking beats and Jordan Barczat’s bass underpinning it all, this single is very tight.

It is the product of a band that has clearly got their shit together.

Taking only two days to record the album in its entirety, Iowa write songs that come naturally to them and refuse to follow any music fads, all of which makes for some great listening. With their lo-fi sounds and just the right amount of fuzz and distortion, Iowa are how modern day rock bands should be – about the music itself.

Never Saw it Coming will also feature the singles ‘Complete Control’ and ‘Same Solution’.

‘Same Solution’ captures what almost seems like a drawn out American drawl from Stewart and the rhythm intensively maintained by Barczat and has some grungy garage rock aspects that have not been removed from the recording process.

Never Saw it Coming, as a title is an interesting concept in itself, but do not go thinking that you will be completely shocked with their debut. It will not be as surprising as waking up on a Sunday morning in bed with Vladimir Putin and Bjork making you breakfast in the kitchen.

Contrary to what others have been saying about Iowa, Vulture Magazine will not go as far to lump them in the ‘guitar band’ category. Iowa, with their one guitarist, have a much broader appeal than a guitar band and lack the pretentious 10-minute solos.

This means that you are more than likely to hear them on the radio sometime soon and take note when the announcer declares that the last track was by Iowa.

‘Never Saw it Coming’ will be available for purchase and download on April 20th.

E. Adamcewicz


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