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Take a moment to think about what you were doing at 23. Yep good. Well allow us to introduce you to NYNE, an artist who is literally about to take the world by storm. Overnight, Allday’s latest track ‘Sides’ was released featuring this beauty and dear God it is a banger. Did we mention NYNE has worked with the OVO crew. Read on.


Vulture Magazine: Three words: You. Drake. OVO. Explain.
NYNE: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Sevn Thomas, who did ‘Pop Style’ and ’10 Bands’. It’s pretty crazy.

VM: You wear a couple of hats yourself being a producer and singer. Firstly, which hat do you prefer out of a beret, a fedora or a beanie and why?
N: Beanie for bad hair days and Melbourne is freezing right now! I love fedoras, but I live in snapbacks – shout out to MFC Mercenaries in Los Angeles who sent me my go-to hats.

VM: For reals now, how do you balance the two sides of your creative being?
N: I’m incredibly passionate and hands on with what I do so 98% of the time I’m probably a mess.

VM: ‘Bad Trip’ interestingly enough has that real OVO lick to it. We love love love the production on this. How did this one come to life?
N: This song was done so fast, maybe two or three days ! I wrote and produced something rough and sent it to Chiefs and he ran with it. I love that it came together so quick and organic – I think we both brought 100% to it.

VM: Your break out hit ‘Can’t Sleep Alone’ is the one you worked with Sevn Thomas on. What is the vibe like in the studio when you’re working with the industry’s upper echelon of producers?N: We’ve yet to have a face to face in studio session and that’s something in the future I’d love to do. I can say that working with Sevn and having someone like him that I can get advice off or feedback is a blessing. He may work with the biggest artists in the game but he’s incredibly humble and just sincerely a nice guy, so it takes some of the pressure out of it.

VM: How involved were you in the final outcome of the track, cause these are some pretty big dogs you’re playing with!?
N: I think when the song is in the right hands you don’t need to go crazy with notes and directions. I sent my version of the song across and Sevn’s first attempt was incredible, I was hooked – he just got it straight away. You both bring your style to the table and with the right artists something just clicks.

VM: You’re 20 freakin’ 3 and absolutely kicking goals. What does your family think about it all?N: They’re excited! My younger siblings are like “whatever you’re still stupid” haha. Also they use my own song lyrics against me!

VM: What are you working on at the moment?
N: I think I should focus on finishing my EP. I have lots of songs and ideas so I can’t wait to just focus on condensing everything down to an EP. But a few collabs that I’m excited about coming as well.

VM: Orite, some quick-fire funsies. Dream collab?
N: Drake or Kanye OMG or The Neptunes – who wouldn’t want to have a ‘Slave 4 U’ or ‘Like I Love You’?

VM: You’re a Melbourne girl so… favourite coffee spot?
N: I’m more of a green tea girl so check out Oriental Tea House in Lt Collins St.

VM: Song that’s on repeat right now?
N: Kanye West’s ‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1’ or Partynextdoor ‘Come and See Me’.

VM: Favourite movie?
N: Way too many. The Sound of Music, Jaws, Spice World (don’t judge me haha), Mean Girls.

VM: Why Nyne [“nine”] and not say, Fyve [“five”]?
N: I have no idea but I now have a number nine tattooed on me, so I will not be changing that name anytime soon!

Kara Bertoncini


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