Introducing Lorde

LordeWhat were you doing when you were 16 years old? Shopping at Jeans West with your mates? Watching Home and Away with the kid next door? Or just getting wasted at night under a bridge with the cool kids? Well this girl, Lorde, is making Grade A music like a mother fuckin’ boss. Pay attention kiddies, hard work pays off.

Lorde is the stage name for 16 year old New Zealand native, Ella Yelich-O’Connor. She is a quirky singer songwriter who last year released her first EP, ‘The Love Club’, which was met with high radio rotation and critical acclaim. She’s reached number #1 on the NZ Top 40 all the while completing Year 12 in high school with her addictively cool ‘Royals’ track.

Already onto her second EP, ‘Tennis Court’, Lorde describes herself on Facebook as ‘your favourite little head game’, and appears to have more maturity and swag beyond her teenage years. Telling Tom and Alex on Triple J’s Breakfast Show, “I really like females in pop music that do good things for females rather than being like, ‘I’m a girl! I’m nothing without you here, boyfriend!’ I think that’s so stupid”. This girl has her head screwed on, her priorities in place and is delivering some ferocious music that her peers still cannot produce even in their 20’s. But don’t take it from us. Her music speaks for itself.

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