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Arrrrrrgh!! There is so, so much excitement in the air with regards to Sydney three piece outfit DMA‘s. Can you even imagine what it ould be like to be a member of this band right now? They’re sound is super fucking tight, they’re already very talented individuals with major skillz to back up their smack talk and they are about to undertake a festival dense Northern Hemisphere summer season with appearances at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds, Boston Calling, Governer’s Ball and Outside Lands. MIND BLOWING UP RN.

But right now, back here in Austra-la-la-lia, they’re about to undertake the Groovin’ the Moo national tour with big hitters A$AP Ferg, Charlie XCX, Flight Facilities, You Me At Six, Hilltop Hoods and heaps more goodies.

With a Triple J saturated repertoire and some major profile building ahead, we pulled down DMA’s songwriter and ,multi-instrumentalist Johnny Took to talk about it the Noel Gallagher incident, the Oasis comparisons and when we can get an album out of them.

Vulture Magazine: The festivals that you guys have been added to is fucking insane!

Johnny Took: Yeah! It’s crazy man, very crazy.

VM: So you’re going to play the Governer’s Ball. Did you read the thing about what Noel Gallagher apparently said about you guys?

JT: Yeah, pretty ridiculous. He didn;t eve really say anything, it was more like some writer trying to get some clickbait I reckon. If I was interviewing Noel Gallagher I’d probably more focus on talking about his music instead of talking about some small band from Australia. You know, so, fuck. Bit ridiculous.

VM: So you’re not worried about his coming to boo you from the side of the stage?

JT: Well the reason he said it was because he was having a laugh at himself. (The journalist) says “oh yeah, people have said they sound like Oasis”, and he (Gallagher) goes “Oh they sound like Oasis do they?! I’ll give them shit and stand on side of stage and boo them,” you know.

VM: Do you get annoyed by the Oasis references?

JT: Not really, I get it. I just think it’s kind of like, I dunno. I think it sounds heaps more like The Verve or some other bands out of that scene. I don’t really care either way, people are gonna think what they want to think. All I’m gonna do is keep writing tunes, you know. It’s all I’ve ever done.

VM: Yeah yeah. Do you guys do the songwriting together or do you do most of it?

JT: Nah we work together. But sometimes I bring a whole song in or Mason (Matt Mason) will bring a whole song in. It varies but by the time we put a song together we all have a look into it. Which is nice because it’s my favourite way to write, when we’re all involved.

VM: What’s the estimation on getting an album out? Is that goin to happen or are you just going to keep pumping the singles out?

JT: Um I reckon will drop something hopefully later this year, which is exciting.

VM: Describe your last 12 months in five words.

JT: Oh fuck! I don’t know man! You can’t out me on the spot like this!! I’ve basically just had shit loads of fun man. I couldn’t out it into five words. I’ll give you the run down- travelling the world with six of my best mates, seeing the world, you know, writing music, playing music, it’s my favourite thing to do. And, you know being able to play festivals like these ones overseas and really, seeing these artists like Drake and all these hectic, hectic ones like Tame Impala and shit like that. All of these amazing artists and having the chance to see how they do it. It’s very cool.

VM: Totally! So are you guys doing much to prep for Groovin’ the Moo? What’s your preparation like to get ready for a festival?

JT: Ahhh I dunno, same as every other band. Get in there and fucking rehearse it and make sure it’s down pat. But that comes naturally just from touring man. You know, the set stuff is pretty tight and after that American run we did it just became second nature. So I don’t really think about it too much, I just try and have fun.

VM: And who are you keen to catch live at GTM?

JT: To be honest man I cant eve remember the fucking bill. (sic) Sticky Fingers, so I’m looking forward to partying with those guys again. To be honest man, my most favourite thing at festivals is just walking around and seeings acts I’ve never seen before or maybe like catching a genre that’s not normally my cup of tea but then seeing it live, changing your perception of it. I love that shit.

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