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You know that feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time, and something in it resonates within your ribs and under your skin? You can’t get it out of you head, you listen to it seven times in a row, and it gives you that feeling that the people who wrote it were writing it for you. When we first heard ‘Bridges’, by New Zealand’s next biggest export, BROODS, that is exactly what swept through our bodies and being.

We immediately set up some time to chat with brother and sister, Caleb and Georgia Nott of BROODS, who were in the country to support Youth Lagoon. Prepare to delve into the craniums of future genius.

Caleb, 21, and Georgia, 19, have wisdom in their faces that far exceeds that of their years on this planet, and it is expressed precisely and purposely through their dark lyrics and contrasting melodies. Being raised in a musically inclined family environment, and striking gold with a chance meeting with Lorde’s co-writer, Joel Little, has set the wheels in motion for their success. Though, the beginnings were humble.

“It’s always been something that Georgia wanted to do,” explains Caleb, “she was always singing. Mum and dad couldn’t take her to church or to weddings, when she was younger, sitting in the car seat just screaming to the music.”

Georgia interrupts, “I was a baby! You know, I was trying to sing! It was always been a thing that we did. I remember that I played a song to the first time to mum and dad at my granddad’s birthday, I was like 10, and then all my cousins just swarmed around me and were like, ‘You’re actually really good! You’re going to be famous!’ So I just kind of realized that people loved hearing me sing as well me loving to sing.”

If you’ve heard their first track, ‘Bridges’, off their recently released self-titled EP, then you would understand just how lusciously sweet and incredible her voice is, so we must all remember to thank those cousins who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. And those dreams of world domination could be closer than they realise, with their partnership with Little, the man who co-wrote ‘Royals’ with Lorde. Work is beginning on the duo’s first full-length record shortly, and if the EP is anything to go by, the LP will be earth shattering.

“The EP was us finding what we … because we’ve never played this or written this kind of music until a year ago because we were a part of different projects in music so we’re still growing as a duo, growing as writers in this genre so, it’s just the start of it. Towards the end [of the EP], the last two songs, ‘Never Gonna Change’ and ‘Coat Tails’, you can hear the development that’s come through that year and what’s been the closest to what the album be like,” reveals Caleb.

This coming week will see BROODS take a trip over to the US to tour for the first time. A sure sign that things are picking up speed in their world, the band just recently signed to Capitol Records in the US, a label that hosts other musicians like Katy Perry, The Eagles, Beastie Boys, Elton John and Sky Ferreira. This tour will give them a taste of what to expect from the international scene.

“When we went to LA to sign the deal, we went to a couple of gigs …” begins Georgia, before Caleb jumps in. “Sam Smith. It had this kind of level of what we’re going to be playing. They were really receptive. We’re just really excited to play somewhere else [other than NZ]. It’s completely different playing here as well. And, it’ll be completely different over in America, and the UK. It’s going to be cool to see.”

Cool indeed. Vulture caught the duo perform at the Melbourne’s Ding Dong Lounge, and we were so utterly blown away by their live show, we almost had kittens. Do NOT miss these guys if they come to a city near you, otherwise you will regret it more than those low crotch pants you bought back in 2012.

BROODS self-titled EP is available now on iTunes.

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