Happy Idiot: Nath Valvo @ MICF

His chirpy, cheerful voice may have greeted you on Nova’s Saturday mornings, or if you have great eye for detail, perhaps you’ve seen him in the background of a Neighbours set. But Nath Valvo is a comedian and all round funny man first and foremost. His comedy show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Happy Idiot proves Valvo to be more than just a disc jockey.

Kicking off at the weekend, Happy Idiot is a one sided debate running through all the reasons the information age is killing our happiness. Knowledge is not power, Santa’s false unveiling does not make you a better person, and knowing what 20 celebrities are secretly Asian has no actual effect on your day.


The more Valvo unpacks this idea of smart = less happy, the more you begin to agree in a ‘funny because it’s true’ kind of way. With little anecdotes and personal life stories thrown in for good example, as an audience you can’t help but laugh, clap and nod profusely in agreement with his sentiments.

Tales of his dysfunctional family growing up had the crowd in stitches, especially when it came to poking fun at his ‘creepy’ Mother’s ways when returning home. Some crowd participation at the beginning of the show saw Nath Valvo doing a census of the audience. When it became clear it was a young crowd with no Mums or Dads (or at least none that came clean), he really went for the parental jibes – things we can all relate to.

A very physical comedian, Valvo is not just funny in his words but in the way he carries himself. His whole body leads to a punch line, creating a well-rounded performance and more entertainment for his audience. He also has some brilliant facial expressions, which he holds for effect and has the crowd laughing non-stop.

Happy Idiot was entertaining pure and simple. The humour was sharp, witty, and made perfect use of his one-hour set. Not once were there moments of lagging, or a drawn out punch line. Nath Valvo’s comedic timing is a testament to his talents. He is not just a funny man, he is a great storyteller, with a knack for finding the funny in the most mundane, every day things.

Here at Vulture, we would urge anyone in confusion of who to check out at MICF to give Nath Valvo a go. We guarantee you will leave a Happy Idiot customer.

Nathan Valvo is performing until April 19. Tix for Happy Idiot can be found on the Ticketmaster Website



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