Gossling, Supporting Adam Cohen at The Regal Ballroom

The Regal Ballroom in Northcote is one of Melbourne’s most desired, boutique event spaces. In supporting Adam Cohen, son of the legendary Leonard, Gossling (aka Helen Croome) humbly summarised that “It’s my job to warm you up for Adam Cohen”, which she did fittingly. Much in key with the poetics of Cohen, Gossling provided a lovely, feminine balance to the night. Though usually being supported by a band, Croome played a short-but-sweet opening set of piano-drenched tunes including ‘Days Are Over’, ‘War’ and ‘Ancient Love’.

The wordlessly divine Gossling

The young Victorian songstress has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately, which is of little surprise given the immense talent that she is. With multiple EPs released and a vocal guesting on 360’s ‘Boys Like You’, her distinct vocal timbre, not dissimilar to that of Emiliana Torrini’s, has become instantly recognisable. In her solo semblance, even minus a weeping cello, she is refined and nuanced, yet with the slightest touch of uncertainty. Nevertheless, this is perhaps a facet of her quaint and sincere visage; reinforced midway through the set when she remarks shyly that “this seems to be going well”.  Either way, it is highly endearing.

Croome is proving to be somewhat of an industry regular and mainstay, recently making surprise vocal appearances at Matt Corby’s string of sell-out shows at The Corner Hotel. Supporting Cohen on his Australian tour, including shows at Port Fairy Folk Festival with her band, is not only an ideal billing, but also an excellent pasture for musical development for this blossoming talent. Her music, sonorous and heartfelt, aptly juxtaposes Cohen’s humorous, libertine songs of love and lust. The tour is sure to be endlessly entertaining for those fortunate enough to have got their hands on tickets.


James Burgmann

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    Michael Godfrey March 18, 2012

    This woman is a remarkable singer-songwriting talent and I look forward to the day she’s a household name ikn Oz – with her own supporting acts. To an old fella like me maybe it’s Buffy St Marie meet Joni Mitchell – brilliant.


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