Gig Review: The Internet @ 170 Russell

Logically speaking, not many people should’ve been ready to boogie on a freezing and wet school night. But if there’s one thing Melbournians are good at, it’s honouring the awesome international bands coming to our shores. Last night, the alternative hip-hop LA band The Internet played the first of their two sold-out shows at 170 Russell and the heat coming off the stage warmed our cold wintery hearts and bodies. 

Fresh from their performance at Splendour in the Grass, the six members arrived on stage with the biggest smiles on their faces, ready to rock it. Singer and producer Syd Tha Kyd absolutely killed it, alternating between her sweet R&B princess voice and fuller rapping announcements. The bipolarity coming out of her persona in the way she portrays herself between musical genres and genders was fascinating. 

The crowd was buzzing and hyper responsive to what was happening on stage. The participation elevated, especially when ‘Just Sayin/I Tried’ began, at which point everyone took intense pleasure in screaming “You fucked up!” The energy was palpable and people got out of the show sweating, thinking out loud “Damn, it’s only Tuesday.” 

There is something special about these cool – without trying – kids. Not only is their music groovy as hell and their performances full of energy, but they are in some ways conceptually redefining hip-hop; bringing new perspectives and possibilities into this highly coded environment. And from what we understand, it’s only the beginning.


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