Gig Review: The 1975 @ Hisense Arena

Cub Sport got the crowd excited early on as they played songs from their latest album This Is Our Vice. There were plenty of fan-girls in the audience unleashing bursts of banshee screams and they were only just warming up their vocal chords before the main event.

The light slowly began to dim as a white noise intro gradually became louder and louder until the room turned completely dark. The screaming reached its peak to welcome The 1975 to the stage, illuminated in a wash of neon pink lights. “This is massive!” lead singer Matthew Healy exclaimed. With his heavy Manchester accent he told us, “It’s a long set so we better get going!”

The impressive 20-song-setlist kicked off with one of their newer tracks ‘Love Me’. Since last touring Melbourne earlier this year, the band has released their second mouthful-of-an-album titled I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. It’s apparent that the audience already knows every single lyric as they sing along in unison.

Healy took a moment to encourage everyone to “emotionally connect” during ‘Me’. He asked us to put away our phones in order to retain a memory far more potent than if we had experienced it watching through a phone recording. Healy confessed that like many of us he’s guilty of excessive digital documentation but he is conscious that it’s important to live in the moment sometimes. We instantly obliged and there was not a single phone in sight.

They decided to add a crowd favourite ‘Robbers’ to the set – a song they haven’t played live in a while. The nostalgic tune had Healy feeling a sentimental connection to his colourful rose shirt that he recently found after thought lost. The strobe lights intensified and built to a climactic peak as a saxophone soloist took the reigns on ‘You’. Healy continued to get the audience excited with every bit of his fancy footwork and an undeniable rock star stage presence.

The pace quickened as they accelerated towards a big finish. The crowd moved and jumped around with every last bit of energy left in the tank for the infectious hit ‘The Sound’. It was the band’s last Australian show of their tour and they told us it was the best one so far. We whole-heartedly believe them, even though we’re probably not their first to hear it. Healy left us with one final message, “We’ll be back soon but until then, we love you!”
Featured images by Michelle Pitiris

Michael Prebeg


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