Gig Review: Spring King and Beach Slang @ Corner Hotel

Sunday night at the Corner Hotel was all about punk-rock, alt-punk, garage-punk, art-punk, etc. etc… and hugs – we’ll touch on that later. 

Spring King and Beach Slang were here in Australia gracing our shores in light of appearances at Splendour In The Grass. The two bands joined forces to deliver double headline shows and throw some fierce punk-esque vibes at us. Sydney-siders Food Court hit the stage early to deliver a set full of energy, and with their garage stylings the four-piece had us from the start. 

Spring King took to the stage and launched into a set fully loaded with post-punk tones and four-part harmonies as they bounced back and forth across the stage. Hailing from Manchester, UK the four-piece ploughed through a bunch of tracks from their debut LP Tell Me If You Like To.

Spring King are a band that feed off the energy the crowd delivers. As the evening progressed, the band delivered and so did the crowd as the energy in the room continued to build. As their set came to a close, the four members were grinning at each other while guitarist Peter Darlington climbed across fold backs before joining the crowd, guitar in hand and without missing a note. We were pretty stoked to say the least. 

Post Spring King we wanted more. Beach Slang were there for us and provided just what we needed with a huge opening of head banging and guitar windmills. In the words of frontman James Alex, Beach Slang were “here to punch [us] right in the heart.” The Philadelphia four-piece started strong as they threw themselves across the stage as well as their guitars (literally). It quickly became apparent that Beach Slang are a band that enjoy a few shenanigans here and there. Only a few songs deep, we witnessed a ‘shoey’ go down. For those who are not well versed in this, let’s just say that beer is better from a bottle in comparison to a smelly old shoe. Never the less, it’s always a great party trick and so is spitting mints into the air in an attempt to catch them in your mouth – as demonstrated by frontman Alex. 

By mid-set, things took a turn with a few half-arsed covers upon the request of crowd members that ended partway through as mistakes were made and guitar solos were practised on stage. All of this before punters were invited to take to the stage to do whatever they pleased; karaoke anyone? This wasn’t a show you’d expect from a punk band, but there’s always a first for everything. Beach Slang rounded out their set singing out “Thank you” in the form of a three-part harmony.

Also, maybe we were just jealous that we didn’t get our turn but hugging a bunch of audience members mid-set was a bit much, just sayin’.

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Images by Paul Johnstone

Tom Graham


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