Gig Review: Ecca Vandal and Harts @ Levi’s Launch Party

There’s nothing like some grunge-rock to really turn things up at a party. Levi’s launch party brought back the 70s with boot cut jeans and old school music for a night of nostalgia. Hidden away in some warehouse in the middle of nowhere, Ecca Vandal and Harts brightened our night with their edgy and forceful sounds. The music acts are usually not the main feature of a party, but there was no doubt that everyone in the venue was eventually drawn to the music.

First up was Ecca Vandal. The powerhouse vocals from this gal were scratchy and brutal enough to get her lyrics out of the punk-rock band behind her. The little intimate setting meant that Vandal got a lot of chances to interact with the crowd, getting people to dance and wave their arms to the beat. The dynamic nature of the band was effortless as they shredded the stage. Ecca may be little but you better believe she got everyone young to old head-banging to her tunes.

With funky basslines and crazy drumming, the night slowly progressed to Harts. With a real minimalist setup, Harts managed to hold his own with just a guitarist/backing vocalist and drummer. Giving it all their worth, the guitarist and the drummer melded perfectly together. Kind of traipsing around various genres, it’s hard to really pin down Hart’s signature sound. With falsettos, screaming guitar riffs and disco synths, Harts brought us back to the old school disco sounds that reminds us of The White Stripes.

These two bands fit the Levi’s brand image to a tee. Denim was seen all around, and the music acts were proof that old school music is not dead. Not everything needs to revolve around electronic beats, and we want to see more of that energy behind live music.

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Images by Leila Maulen


Michelle Ng


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