Gig Review: Client Liaison @ The Forum

Client Liaison are an office place on acid. Between Excel spreadsheets and long lunches, they had cultivated a live show to rival any other. The masters of the pastel power suit have come home to Melbourne and they chose The Forum as their portal to pleasure and rhythm. With the line snaked all the way back up into Hosier Lane, it was a clear sell out but also gave us a little time to check out the graffiti art while we waited.

The Forum’s ceiling is a starry blue night sky and marble statue bodies look down on you from up high. The room had a dramatic romance about it which suited the lads just nicely. They stepped onto the stage to a roaring crowd and as that 80s beat hit, Monte Morgon – the exquisite mullet-ted frontman – expressed, “It’s good to be home, it’s a dream come true for us!”

‘That’s Desire’ and ‘Feeling’ had us all cutting shapes and how could you not move your body watching the moves of Morgon. They were some interruptive dance moves even Michael Jackson would be proud of. But Client Liaison’s superpower and why they are so loved is that they put on a show. They think about arrangements, synchronized dance breaks and costume changes. It is a performance and the quirk and charm of their 80s love ballets and anthems are enhanced by this.

We were even introduced to a brand spankin’ new track called ‘Foreign Affair’; a wistful duet with Ella Thompson of GL #CollabHeaven, while ‘Feed the Rhythm’ fed the hungry beast of a crowd more tuna to sink their dance moves into. Their newest single ‘World of Our Love’ went off with a bang; the synth-pop jam giving us a taste of the forthcoming album. It did not disappoint. All was not over with a sneaky encore of ‘Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight’ and ‘End of The Earth’ topped off with a didgeridoo solo. What more can you ask for? Giant water coolers? Well yes, they had them too.

Honourable mention goes to Tom Tilly from Triple J‘s Hack for slapping that bass like a madman. We at Vulture are a little concerned though that the water coolers seem to grow in size with each tour. Beware of giant killer water coolers.

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Images by Kayzar

Tim Philippe


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