Get Your Fingers Sticky With Sticky Fingers

When the opportunity comes along to get your fingers sticky, Vulture Magazine are always first in line at the call out. We dig fingers that are sticky. Especially Sticky Fingers of the musical type. The boys of Sydney band Sticky Fingers have our saliva glands running hot with their fresh-out of-the-oven debut LP, ‘Caress Your Soul’. And coincidentally, they are touring our nation over the next couple of months to get everyone else fingers extra sticky icky. Stickalicious.

sticky_fingers_good_newtownAfter a stellar 2012, band members Diz Frost, Paddy Fingers, Daz, Beaker and Seamus Red Thunder took some time to slam together this dizzying ride of an album after being on the road previously with Art vs Science, Tame Impala and Donovan Frankenreiter. The ‘Spewtown’ lads have certainly hit a home run with their outfit we would have to say. It is not everyday you stumble upon a bunch of dudes who appear to have given themselves nicknames equivalent to a Muppet on acid, all the while smashing hip swaying tunes together that cross a minimum of three genres. These guys have managed to not pin themselves to one style of music, and easily cross the borders between dub, reggae, funk, hip hop and folk. We aren’t completely sure how they managed to do that and make it work, but somehow they have triumphantly pulled it off. The latest single, ‘Australia Street’ demonstrates this magnificently, as the clip follows them through the streets of Newtown, bringing in regular cameo’s and honestly, just being what looks to be a whole bunch of fun-makers.

The album, which is available now, includes their previous hits, ‘Caress Your Soul’, ‘Clouds and Cream’ and ‘Australia Street’. Check their website for tour details.

Michelle Pitiris


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