Friday 4.20, April 17

We know it. It’s a Friday arvo and you’re doing bugger all. Don’t you fucking lie to us. With that in mind, every week we’re going to offer you a new track to start your weekend off the right way, followed by some cool shit to do in the best city; Melbourne. People, the weekend is almost upon us. Crack a frothy, shut down your word document and crank this track. You bloody deserve it!


4:20PM: This past couple of months have definitely been hip-hop proactive. After the releases of Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt’s LPs, it is now time for the founding member of Odd Future collective, Tyler the Creator, to make his comeback with a fourth album Cherry Bomb. This rapper is still fucking crazy, and that’s why we love him.

8:30PM: The indie-pop Melbourne band Crepes are celebrating their Cold Summer EP launch tonight at The Bar Open Fitzroy. They will be supported by Sagamore, Attols and Good Morning. You can have a listen to their dreamy EP here on Bandcamp. (



Record Store Day was founded in the US in 2007 and has spread around the globe since then. It has been described as one of the best things that could’ve happened to independent record stores. The popularity of the event increased alongside the ‘vinyl revival’. We know now that digitalization hasn’t killed the analogue medium but made him stronger. Today, records aren’t bought by necessity but because they mean something to the person that acquires them. Vinyls are not a product anymore but a cultural object.

Over the years, RSD have asked many artists to participate to this celebration. One of the most memorable contribution would be the one organized last year by Jack White – RSD ambassador in 2013. In front of a small crowd in his hometown Nashville, White pressed the World’s Fastest Record whilst playing songs from his upcoming album at the time, Lazaretto. 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds later, an exclusive version of the live show was pressed in vinyls. What a legend.

Our little favourites for RSD Melbourne 2015 are Greville Records in Prahran (Paul Kelly live!), Dixon Recycled Records in Fitzroy (20% off every records including the new releases), Heartland Records in North Melbourne (heaps of new releases and a rock photography exhibition) & Wax Museum Records in the CBD (hip-hop releases and live music).

A lot more info here.

8PM: The local artist Lia Mice will be in town for a special gig at the Grace Darling in Collingwood. She will be presenting her pop minimal electro LP I Love You with her beautiful and aery voice.


8AM: You have a dress-up party next weekend and you still don’t know what the fuck to wear? Just relax and head to Creative Costumes’ annual Clearance Garage Sales. Prices from $5 a piece. Shit yeah!


Have a great one Vulturers!

Matea Pichet


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