Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Paradise Music Festival

Paradise music festival

What better way to check out Australia’s emerging musical talent, than by basking in the high-altitude springtime sunshine, on a grassy toboggan slope? The aptly named Paradise Music Festival is just around the corner! Hosted at picturesque Lake Mountain Alpine Resort on November 28 – 30, it’s a camping and BYO event, boasting a stunning all-Australian line up. This year’s bill showcases some of the country’s most anticipated musical acts, the likes of Kirin J Callinan, Oscar Key Sung, Drunk Mums and Rat & Co. Back for it’s second year, the festival still holds a lot of mystery and intrigue, so we thought we’d shed some light on five things you probably didn’t know about Paradise Music Festival.

Number one.

Founder and acting director – Andre Hillas, gave up on his own musical dreams to pursue Paradise Music. His former three-piece Soccer Legends, released four tracks of electronic darkwave in 2011 and 2012, gaining them close to 500 Facebook fans, before they pulled the pin.

When he’s not busy organizing festivals, Hillas spends his time rescuing poor victims who get stuck in trees. This Vulture was fortunate enough to witness this first hand last year after engaging in some very ambitious, alcohol fuelled, tree climbing at Golden Plains. If it wasn’t for Hillas’ expert assistance we would still be in that tree.

Number two.

Esc are playing. This vibrant five piece, are Melbourne’s answer to a new generation of hypnotic, guitar-driven post-punk. The release of their debut EP in 2013 awarded them extraordinary industry attention, receiving Inpress EP of the week, and Rage’s ‘Indie of the Week’ for their single ‘Atomic Shadow’.

They like to play music haphazardly, and they live their life in the same way – eating sushi and drinking CC and Cola, and will be showcasing their highly anticipated upcoming release at the festival. Drawing comparison to top shelf outfits the likes of Sigur Rós, Sonic Youth and Joy Division, Esc are an outfit not to be missed!

Number three.

Paradise Music Festival is the only Australian festival with a full on dance club. As elegantly described by Esc vocalist/guitarist, Max Sheldrake-Falovic, “Clubland is the best thing ever when you just wanna dance and shit!”

Number four.

Clubland isn’t the only facility unique to Paradise Music festival. Unlike every other festival, where we replace showers with baby-wipes and avoid the Portaloos at all costs, this venue provides proper toilets and showers! Welcome a level of festival hygiene we thought we’d never see!

Number five.

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is in the high country. The higher altitude increases your chances of dehydration, mountain sickness and sunburn. So slop on the sunscreen, go crazy with it, and pump the H2O!

By the same token, be prepared for changing weather conditions. A bright beautiful day can turn windy and wet within minutes, and it gets ridiculously cold at night. So pack rain gear and layers, it is an alpine resort after all. Despite being held in what other places would call ‘Summer’, know that seasons don’t apply here and come prepared for everything.

Claire Xian


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