EP Review: The Hunted Crows

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On first listen to The Hunted Crows debut EP, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were an eight piece. Those howling vocals, blistering riffs and crazy intense drums could only be the work of a band of epic proportions – which is what makes it so surprising when you find out they’re just two dudes from Melbourne.

Their self-titled EP clocks in at just 16:49, and it’s a damn good way to spend a quarter of an hour in our opinion. First track ‘Sniff You Out’ opens with a winning combo of snares and jagged guitar riffs, before settling into a groove that just begs for some head banging action. These good vibes continue on ‘Gimmie Some Bad Stuff’, with a tight funky guitar line that builds up until it goes crazy. Things get a little bit quieter but no less heavy on ‘New Gun in Town’, vocalist/drummer Jacob Linnet’s pipes creating an ominous atmosphere that ensures you don’t want to run into these guys in a dark alleyway at 3am.

By this stage in the EP we’ve worked out that The Hunted Crows aren’t going to do anything by halves, and ‘Twisted Tongue’ starts with a bang in the form of filthy distorted riffs from guitarist Luy Amiel – these will no doubt be a signature for the band as they continue on. To close this fast and furious EP comes a track that seems to encapsulate everything these guys are about – ‘Hungry Wolves’ is unrelenting in its growling vocals and heavy instrumentation, giving a middle finger to the man in general with the lines like “fuck you, I’ll break away”. Just when you think it’s over, it warps and transitions into a clip from Tony Abbott’s speech on the Tasmanian forests, keeping things topical whilst also making it feel like a terrible vision of a dystopian future.

The Hunted Crows’ first EP makes you sit up and take notice – it’s full of gems that are simultaneously tight and chaotic, taking you by the hair and kicking you in the guts to make sure you pay attention. If you’re looking for something to shake you up and make you thrash around a little bit (or a lot), these dudes have you covered.

Check out the video for single ‘Sniff You Out’ – we promise it’s full of beards and debauchery.

Grace Kwyn


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